Make Your Own Cookie Cutters





Introduction: Make Your Own Cookie Cutters

Make cookie cutters in custom shapes this year.

Step 1: Materials

sheet metal (hobby store)
tin snips
pliers for bending metal
file for smoothing edges
nuts and bolts
safety glasses

Step 2: Cut the Metal Strips

cut metal strips about 3/4" thick or greater.

smooth the rough edges with a file

Step 3: Bend

bend the metal into the desired shape

Step 4: Close Shape With Screw

secure the closure with clamps.

align the metal edges so the interior of the curve is smoothest. Put the screw hole near the edge so the amount of metal overlapping in the interior is minimized.

drill a hole for the screw to fit

assemble so the head of the screw is inside of the form and the remainder of the screw extends outward. Secure with a bolt.

Step 5: Finis

tada! your own custom cookie shapes. pretty cool



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    LOVE the simplicity. I went for a few more complicated shapes (per the interests of the person I made them for), and improvised the bends with misc. screw driver shafts or dowels. The nuts and bolts I found at work, and the sheet metal is from the Depot. Thanks for the idea!

    1115101940.jpgAll cookie cutters.jpgCookie Cutters in Tin.jpg

    wow!! nicely done! very cool

    My cookie cutter came out great! Thank you for the tutorial. Time to put it to the test.

    Hm...dont the screws interfere with shaping things? There like...clay figurines?

    I love this idea. Thanks for posting

    you should look me up my name is dylan sprouse and i like cookies and donuts

    Crispy creme anyone? 99 Really? How is Bubba? Have a beautiful day dylan.

    There is a kit by R&M "Make Your Own Cookie Cutter" specifically for this purpose. Includes 1" aluminum strips, double stick tape and tools. Also comes as a refill kit with aluminum strips only. Available at cake and decorating supply stores. Works great. No sharp edges and no worries about contaminants or lead or rusting.