Picture of make your own free halloween scream mask!
Ever wanted to make a scream mask? Well these next few easy steps will guide you through on making a freaky quality mask!

This is the only instructable on how to make a scream mask

(warning: this MAY not work if you wear glasses)

Step 1: What you need

this is my first day with instructables, so don't make me feel bad about this...

well anyway, all you need is:

a black t-shirt (preferally bigger than your normal size)
printer (colour not needed)
band,strap,string etc (anything to wrap around your head)
some tape
microsoft word

Atif991 year ago

Why can't I download the file. It says forbidden :/

spectacular4 years ago
Great for a first instructable... keep at it!
reenz4 years ago
gud 1..
mikey2885 years ago
It's honestly Well done, and creative! 4/5
dareliqe5 years ago
ya so will i

This is kinda cool. I'll be nice and rate 5/5 stars!
bobhill1256 years ago
pretty good but dtheeyes arent that good
virusX (author) 6 years ago
first instructable, so be nice and COMMENT AWAY!