Picture of make your own tourboat
The Spreepark in Berlin is closed since 2001. Right now the park is being neglected, while the attractions could be used to have a lot of fun!In this instructable you can see how.
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of what you need
camouflage clothing
large trolley (about 2 meters long)
a friend (two or three is even better)
chains or ropes

Step 2: Go to the Spreepark

Picture of go to the Spreepark
Neue Krugallee 1
12437 Berlin

it's for free! Just try to avoid the guards with their dogs.Wear the camouflage clothing.

Step 3: Search for the swans

Picture of search for the swans
You can find them near the dinosaurs.

Step 4: Free the swans!

Picture of free the swans!
help them to swim again!Lift a swan and put it on the trolley. Drive the swan to the Spree-river and release it there. Do the same with the other 14.

Step 5: Connect the swans

Picture of connect the swans
Now you have to connect the swans. Attach two hooks at every swan. One at the front, one at the back. Link them with a chain or rope. Take the outboard-motor and place it in the swan at the front.
Now you have your own tourboat to see Berlin!
ethan_70007 months ago
8/8 r8 i know what im doing over the weekend
 LOL! free the swans!!!! that actually sounds really fun... hehe. LETS DO IT!
randofo6 years ago
There are dinosaurs too?