Introduction: Make Your Own Usb Mini Vacuum Cleaner

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For enginering or workers who working on a desk with a computer, Sometimes we're perturbed with dust or small pieces of our work. Sometimes they are strewn on the table to even get into the sidelines computer keyboard and more, and we always forget to buy mini vacuum cleaner or just simply want to downsize. Now you need to make your own mini vacuum cleaner.

Step 1: This Is What You Need

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Step 2: Making a Plactic Plate From Pvc Water Pipe

Picture of Making a Plactic Plate From Pvc Water Pipe

Step 3: Making a Fan Engine

Picture of Making a Fan Engine

Step 4: Making a Cover Van Angine

Picture of Making a Cover Van Angine

Step 5: Making a Engine Fan and Case

Picture of Making a Engine Fan and Case

Step 6: Making a Vacuum Cleaner Muzzel and Handle

Picture of Making a Vacuum Cleaner Muzzel and Handle

Step 7: Wiring

Picture of Wiring

NB : There are some suggestions from other members in this section, for safer and reduce the risk of damage to electronical, there is a good idea to add some security components such as resistors or diodes. thanks to all member, thanks to assasinsareus, PhillipS1, Iceman1979, and vagoeng.

-If you do not adding any electro components, we recommend that you do not use your vacuum cleaner is too long in On position. use less than 1 minute in a single usage, wait a few seconds to use it again if your table has not been clean. Not recommended for clean room or a large area.

Step 8: Put a Filter and Finish

Picture of Put a Filter and Finish

okay... now Your usb vacuum cleaner is done and ready to work. not pretty vacuum cleaner but it working..

enjoy your work with a clean desk

NB: all parts on this tutorial is handmade will be easier if using 3D printing to make all part :)

(for more lowcost project video coming soon on Instructables)


RathoreA made it! (author)2017-02-27

I made this by a Plastic bottle.

ArunK209 (author)2016-05-19

Please tell how link motor shaft with the suction fan

rishk made it! (author)2015-12-30

I made one with a plastic bottle and a dc motor powered with 9v battery , the fan is rotating but there is no suction . is it because of the size/shape/dimension? plz help

eric dirgahayu (author)rishk2015-12-31

Can i see the shape of your fan

rishk (author)eric dirgahayu2016-01-10

from behind it looks like this

rishk (author)rishk2016-01-10

from behind it looks like this

ShivnathH (author)2015-11-01

Can u plz tell me how assemble the connection of the usb. (Can i plug the usb to a normal usb charger)

eric dirgahayu (author)ShivnathH2015-11-01

if i look on the market product they are just puged the motor to red and black wire on the USB wire but some people say it can broked the computer or usb charger so i use the diode for power feedback. yes you can blug to a normal Charger 5v

ShivnathH (author)eric dirgahayu2015-11-27

Thank you @eric

DarshanaA (author)2014-12-14

great job dear

eric dirgahayu (author)DarshanaA2014-12-14

Thank you DarshanaA :)

daviddag (author)2014-12-11

Like the idea. I like the ideas about using alternative power sources and a self power USB hub.

You could adapt this to run off 12v as a car vacuum.

How about reversing the polarity to create a blower to clean out the PC it's connected to. If you use a stronger motor you could run it on 110v / 220v.

eric dirgahayu (author)daviddag2014-12-12

thank you :) , reversing polarity, I think with a small motor, 3-6volt, it is enough to simply clean up the dust-dust above the small work desk

Starsword7 (author)2014-12-10

Great instructable, I love that it is USB-powered!

thank you Starsword7 :)

MrMiro02 (author)2014-12-07

Wow. This is so cool! I think that it might be better if you make it with big cardboard tube, instead of the bottle. Or if you have a 3D printer, make the parts with it. I'm gonna make this tonight! Thanks for the instructable!

eric dirgahayu (author)MrMiro022014-12-08

im using MacGiver trick... :p What I found from it I created.. :D thankyou!

explocivo12 (author)2014-12-05

lol the grenade part is my favorite

hahaha... Don't be too serious :D

no i was like shaking when i did it but i made it wth a handle from something else.

Good job... :)

monocoli (author)2014-12-05

yau are crazy. :D i want to make some thing with you some time. i think you are "MacGyver" :D

eric dirgahayu (author)monocoli2014-12-06

hahaha... im here now... :D thankyou!

HavocRC (author)2014-12-05

That is a great idea!

eric dirgahayu (author)HavocRC2014-12-06

Thank you... :D

CeeT1 (author)2014-12-05

You assemble good paper. I am excite giving this the tries. I reported here when it finishes. thank you

eric dirgahayu (author)CeeT12014-12-06

Thankyou! you can make that batter :)

Iceman1979 (author)2014-12-05

There are a lot Of products out there that cut corners so I would not rely on what I see in a commercial product to be good to copy. If you would like to learn more about why a diode is important then do a google search for fly back diode.

oke thankyou :)

4yk4a (author)2014-12-05

You did a great job, but there is a way to make it easier and faster if you use a hair dryer as in the photo. This hair dryer almost everything is ready for a vacuum cleaner. Remove the heating element, change the fan, put a filter and powered by a 12V (originally worth 12V motor is connected in series with the heater). Perhaps you are hairdryers seen. :)

eric dirgahayu (author)4yk4a2014-12-05

Yes it is also a very good idea. If there is a hair dryer at home... :) but not all people have the hair right, especially the majority of enginering hehehe...only joke, Basically I am trying to make the process of recycle :)

grapenut (author)2014-12-04

I really like this instructable. At first I thought it was a vacuum for cleaning dusty USB ports. This is a really neat design for a USB powered vacuum, thanks.

eric dirgahayu (author)grapenut2014-12-04

Thank you so much! :) not so neat because everything is actually hand made (manualy)

chessuraya (author)2014-12-04

Where does sucked air go? when it's also sealed in the back?
nice work btw

the vent

on the back are not in full sealed there is a vent between motor handle to the back cover. thanks :)

vagoeng (author)2014-12-04

nice project bro..
kalau boleh saran, gunakan motor pemutar DVD + capasitor
untuk menghindar arus balik ke PORT USB


eric dirgahayu (author)vagoeng2014-12-04

makasih mas :) ,

Iya itu lebih bagus sih mas, cuma ini themanya gunain barang yang ada saat itu, sebenernya iseng2 aja, adanya motor DC itu dan gak ada komponen saat itu. tapi itu rekomendasi yang baik.

immux (author)2014-12-04

hi eric, mantab nih ide nya. terus berkreasi (y)

eric dirgahayu (author)immux2014-12-04

hi immux, hehehe...bukan high project kok, iya sy coba sebisanya, terima kasih :)

a.steidl (author)2014-12-04

Awesome project! Thank you for sharing. I hope to make this sometime. My desk is messy and dirty, and this could help.

eric dirgahayu (author)a.steidl2014-12-04

thank you so Much! a.steidl :) i know you can make that better than I've made :)

Iceman1979 (author)2014-12-04

Did I miss the part about adding the diode to the motor and usb cable? This is required if you don't want to blow up your USB port on your computer.

yes,You can add it to more sefety. but in my experience, this vacuum clearner is not to be used for long. only clean the table, not recomended for clean the House. no more than 30 seconds in all light up. and it looks like that is what makes this such a product on sale in the market do not use additional circuit . thank you :) . (see previous comment with the same problem)

jbh123 (author)2014-12-04

Is the vacuum cleaner noisy or quiet? Or somewhere in between? I work in a library that has 60+ computers that get dusty sometimes, so if this device is relatively quiet, I might be interested in making one!

eric dirgahayu (author)jbh1232014-12-04

Unfortunately somewhat noisy, because it is made of disused plastic bottles are thin and the engine of the motor that opens in the back so could not drown out the sound of the motor and wind gusts :(, Maybe you could make it with a thicker material. and use the enclosed engine with filter cover air vents. It can drown out the noise

assasinsareus (author)2014-12-04

The engineer in me says this is a fantastically simple design, the electronic engineer in me says connecting an inductive load like a DC motor directly to a USB port is a motherboard nightmare waiting to happen. However If you use a self power USB hub then there is much less hardware to potentially destroy. Either way great work, very nice project.

Thanks before :) , I am not a graduate degree in electro so I don't really understand about that, I made some research beforehand, and I see on some products on the market that use usb power and it instantly at the motor without any additional sircuit, Therefore I made it, and already I use more than one year and was lucky there were no problems on my laptop which is caused by the use of power Usb port. But if anyone who is afraid to use the Usb port, can use batteries :)

PhillipS1 (author)eric dirgahayu2014-12-04

What assasinsareus is saying is that you should possibly consider putting some protection in the unit, like say a diode to keep the current from backflowing, and maybe a resistor or some kind of logic control to keep your draw within specifications.

Running it off a cheap USB power brick like an old phone charger however, would be great, like he suggested above.

eric dirgahayu (author)PhillipS12014-12-04

Yes I understand that are intended, and maybe later I'll add it. thank you so much :)

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