Introduction: Make Your Own X Acto Knife :3

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so, you need an x acto knife? the box cutter to bulky and not making clean cuts? make your own !!! :D
what you need is
-mechanical pencil
-(ironically) a box cutter :3
-spare blade from boxcutter

Step 1: Woot !!! :3 Take the Pencil Apart :D

Picture of Woot !!! :3 Take the Pencil Apart :D

simple, take the pencil apart so all your left with is the plastic case :3

Step 2: Cutting It Up ;3

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cut the pencil up so you can slide the blade in :3 be careful though D:

Step 3: Burn Baby ;3

Picture of Burn Baby ;3

take the lighter to it and melt the plastic around the blade so it doesn't move :3

Step 4: And Your Finished! :D

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*phew* such hard work x3 if you do find your blade a lil wobbly, than take some super glue to it, and it should work fine :3 hope you <3 my instructabe !!!! :3


MYT CR8TiV (author)2013-03-09

I didn't feel very safe having that giant blade at the end of a thin narrow pencil. It kinda looks like the scythe of the grim reaper. What I did instead was tightly wedge the blade into a ball of polymer clay, shaped into a comfortable shape, and baked it with the blade in. It works equally good for my clay projects and paper. And since polymer clay bakes hard like plastic it's very sturdy.

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