Makes a Simple PC Joystick From Chip Keyboard Used


Introduction: Makes a Simple PC Joystick From Chip Keyboard Used

Actually,the new PCjoystickpricesaffordable,butit would beniceif wecouldtake advantage ofunusedjunkintostuffin order touse(canbe usedagain)andwhile savingour finances.

With theformerkeyboardand joysticknittendodamaged,wecanconjure upthe goodshadbecomea PCjoystickthat we cancount onin playingourfavoritegame.
As forhow madeas follows:

Step 1: Step 1:

Open thekeyboardandgrabhiskeyboard chip.
After that,we seekthe functionsofeachpininthe keyboard chipwastocreatea list/table of datafunctions.

The trick, we firstopen theMicrosoftWordprogramfirst,then wefindthatthere isa functionof each pinon thechipby connecting thepintopinthe otherwhile looking atthe responsethat is inMicrosoft wordworksheets.For example,the pin26 witha(23 +1) weconnectyou will getthe response"Z"inMicrosoftWordworksheets,sopin23 +1 producesthe functionletter "Z",andthis step weare doingso onuntil you getthe datawe want.

Next, writeresponsestoearlierin the data tablewhich willwe usein determiningwhichpinswe'lluseajoystickbutton.See examplesbelow:

Step 2: Step 2:

Open thejoystickNittendodamaged,looseboards(PCB) chipfromthe containerafterit's looking forpathwaysthat leadtothe buttonsandcutroutesthat are not neededon the PCBwithcuter.

Make a hole for the connecting cable with a small drill.

Connect the Joystick PCB with a chip using the keyboard cable and soldered the keyboard chip based on the data table that we created earlier.

Step 3: Step 3:

Weset thekeyboardlayoutso that thechipsare neatlyintothecontainernittendojoystick.

Step 4: Step 4:

Now it's timeto try,whetherwemade PCjoystickto work.
First, runhisgame, find thejoypadconfigurationorsettingsmenuon thejoypad.Match thesettingsmenuby usinga PCjoystickmadeus thatrespondsaccording to thedatatablewemeanthe keyboard chipmadesuccessfully.

Good luck,and enjoythe colorfulgame world....



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    Not sure if it is intentional on your part, or if you have hardware issues, but you really need to use the spacebar a LOT more frequently... as is, this instructable is horrible, unreadable.

    5 replies

    Lol, You really need to use a space bar as Karossii said, because it is almost un-readable.

    thanks buddy for the response, writing that proves that the keyboard was defective. so rather than not used anymore joystick made ​​it better.


    a sentence usually consists of at least 3 or more discernable words.
    "icantype asentence" is very hard to read compared to "i can type a sentence"
    not trying to be a jerk or anything (maybe english isnt your first language) but the spacebar is your friend here.

    I'm an Indonesian. do not speak English very well. but maybe the language of knowledge sharing and friendship may be more understandable. thank you very much, amo.

    sorry, but this is beyond my expectations. The keyboard was broken, so I made it to a PC joystick.

    while typing with the joystickeyboard they must have forgotten to wire up the space bar traces correctly.

    Will make the "jump by hitting space bar" games a bit tricky.
    No Supermario emulator for you!

    Neat trick though, for things like M.A.M.E.