first off I would like to state that this was not a solo project. there were 3 others that helped to bring this creature to life and one very awesome model to put it all on. I would like to thank them for all the hard work and all the dedication that was put into making this creature, which we just refer to as the wise one. I led a team of talented people to make this, I took up the role of project manager to over see and make sure that everything works out as we had initially planned. the order in which you must go when creating something like this is design, model, sculpt, mould, cast and finishing touches (paint and clothing). 

so the first step you should take on is the design phase come up with some concept art or even just rough sketch so that you know where to head with your next step

I would also like to take this time to mention this is a very difficult process and takes months of hard dedicated work but if you are so incline you to can make something like this.

Step 1: Finding Your Model

once you know the design and the over all look you wish to achieve its time to find a model

for our design we wanted a short petite woman so we found a model to suit our creature

thanks again to our model

now we must make a body cast so that we have something to sculpt and create on. if you dont know how to make a body cast you can find more in depth methods online and maybe even on instructables but its fairly easy to learn. here are some progress shots of the process.

we did our arms seperately in alginate .
The first thing I thought was... Ooooh "The Dark Crystal"! (A definitely good thing) This is really cool!
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
That is really impressive! And yes Jim Henson would definitely be proud. :)
Wow! I love seeing how you make these amazing builds. Keep them coming. :D
thank you, I will do my best to keep them going. nice ears.
Freakin' great
Great build! I was just asking around the other day if there was a water-based fiberglass around. Seems like a great alterative to doing a silicone mold, esp if you aren't making multiples! <br /> <br />Did you use the model's plaster bust as the core mold inside when injecting the foam, so that it fit to her exactly? Or did you use something else to create more room inside the mask? How was she able to see from inside? <br /> <br />The process is so intense, each one of these steps could be broken out into its own Instructable entirely. I have a handful of projects like this where it's just way too much to explain every step. I appreciate this as a great reference for people who already have some understanding of mask/model making, as well as inspiration for those who want to get into it!
thank you, <br> <br>yes the aqua resin is a pretty awesome product but ya if you only intend to do one or maybe a 2-3 good pulls fro a mold its a great option, if you intend on multiples to last a long time then i would go with something more durable. <br> <br>as for the core, I used the models body for the core however i also split the entire head piece sperately and made its own core to allow for alot more space and weight reduction in the top there. her sight lines are the mouth and nostrils ... not much to see through but enough, i wore it a few times and its not to bad form inside and its almost impossible to see from the outside in so it worked out really well. <br> <br>thanks for the comment scoochmaroo hope all your projects work out for ya. any questions just gimme a shout.
That is intense and completely awesome!!! Great instructable!

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