the cybermen are a fictional race from the show dr. who ( for those of you who don't know ). in this instructable i'll show you how to build a classic cyber-helmet.

Step 1: the sides

To make the sides of the Cyberman helmet take five cardboard ovals the largest being nine inches and then decreasing by about a quarter of an inch each oval after that. Now glue/tape them together so that the ridges can be clearly seen. replicate this for the other side of the helmet.
Gah, isn't shiny foil a pig to photograph nicely? <br> <br>Good job on the head - you ought to add a shot of you actually wearing it (and the Time Lord head-dress at the same time!)
<p>you know what I would do, I'd take a mark i Iron Man Helmet and attach a PVC pipe handle-shape to it!</p>

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