Introduction: Making a Ghetto USB Hub! :)

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 well i was hungry and i wanted a pretty usb hub so i decided to do this :) hope you like it.

Step 1: Materials

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 you will need a mini cerial box (i got mine in the sunday newspaper)

a hobby knife or scissors. (hobby knife is better)

duct tape (optional)

a usb hub

a marker


Step 2: Make the Marks

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 so you want to trace the part of the hub u want to stick out of the box and the part that the wire will come out of. very easy step.

Step 3: Cut!

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 ok now cut out holes where you traced the usb hub and chord. cut inside the lines. you can always cut bigger if you need to.

Step 4: Tape!

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 ok now tape arount the holes. this will make the box more sturdy so it wont tear.

Step 5: Put the Hub In!

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 ok now slide the wire through the bigger hole first and then the small one and slide the usb hub nice and snug. then tape it and make sure it hold pretty well.

Step 6: PAPER!

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 now use ripped and crumpled pieces of paper to pack arount the hub in the box so the box is more dense and it hold the hub into place better.

Step 7: More Tape!

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 now tape the top shut and you have yourself a brand new ghetto USB hub! congratulations!


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