Making a Knife From Wood Flooring





Introduction: Making a Knife From Wood Flooring

First let me say I'm sorry that the pictures start halfway through the process, I was at a friends house when the idea struck, he's a master carpenter and has all the tools you can imagine for working with wood. I picked up a piece of oak flooring he had laying around and thought ... I could make a couple of cool knives out of this!! I sketched out the designs and he cut them out on a scroll saw for me

Step 1: You Will Need

First off your going to need a couple of things,
A piece of wood flooring (I happened to get oak but any hard floor material like oak,maple or walnut would work)
some files and sandpaper or sanding block
A friend with woodworking tools or a jigsaw or copingsaw

Step 2: Shaping the Pieces

kind of self evident, use files and sandpaper to shape the cut out pieces, round off the handles until they are comfortable and give the blades an edge

Step 3: Almost Finished

The almost finished pieces have a blade thicknessof around .25" so should be strong enough to use to open mail or if like me you don't like having metal detecters rob you off all self defense...

Step 4: Almost Finished2

This one will probably get a lanyard hole and lanyard and both will need some kind of sheath as well as a finish, perhaps a dark stain on the handles and an overall clear coat



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    If you read this it's horrible it stabbed my toe when dropped it and I'm just nine still cool keep it up

    No prob man you make some way cool stuff.

    Those are really cool!!

    Thank you for leaving a comment ! They get some cool comments when people see them

    Hey , you sound like my twin bro. I have lived in Jacksonville Beach , Fla., and cook up a storm like you. I'm also a bloke. Like makin stuff from discarded and recycled things. Check out some of my 'ibles. Have a few grandrats too. Is that a hairy face or a hat ? Not the kind of hat for Fla. though. Lokks like Alaska wear! Keep makin cool stuff and good eats ! Peace be with you. As ever Triumphman. 6-26-11, 6:46 pm EST.

    sorry I missed your comment back in jun = ( If your that close you simply have to come and check out our Haunted House this yr ! We're in the neighborhood right across beach blvd from the Alhambra Dinner Theater

    I used to always do this in scouts nice ible ill be sure to make one

    Very cool idea. My son is always looking for ways to make knives an such...he can't work metal yet so this would be cool for him. We have a TON of old wood flooring in the barn...just waiting to be used. The personal protection aspect just makes it better.

    Jul 10, 2009. 3:43 PMChaseReno says: Very cool idea. My son is always looking for ways to make knives an such...he can't work metal yet so this would be cool for him. Thanks for the comment. I hope he has fun, just remember he could still get in trouble for carrying a weapon but they would also be great for display or gifts as well as an introduction to woodworking. I think if I do any more I'll leave more material for the blades, they seem pretty strong but....

    Great job, but it really does need more pictures of the steps.