Introduction: Making a Paper Foil Skateboard Not Card Board

a teck deck / mini skateboard made from foil

Step 1: Metirals and Cut

first u need grip tape and paper foil now first get a sheet of foil and cut in half

Step 2: Shape

now take the foil keep on folding it until it looks like this

Step 3: Shapee 2

now take the front and back edges and roll them a little bit

Step 4: Pinch

now make the edges by pinching the sides up

Step 5: Pinch

now make the edges by pinching the sides up

Step 6: Tape

take a strip of tape and put it in the middle

Step 7: Coustmize

now color it or do what ever with its done


mastermakoko (author)2008-10-18

how do you use it do you need trucks on?

da fox144112 (author)2007-02-18

this is my first instrustuble

dhruvgaara (author)da fox1441122008-02-17

dude do you like naruto? well i tied it and then upgraded it by making a tech deck and taping together and it rox!

dezire (author)2007-06-25

IT is 1 more Instructable that he has made more than you.

mr. destrun (author)2007-06-12

i agree with you stevolution i tried to do some tricks an shit came out

Mace42 (author)2007-05-10
drake2468 (author)2007-03-09

Pretty Good Man For You First Instructable

jeffreyf (author)2007-02-19

What does one do with this?

icanryme2002 (author)2007-02-18

instead of going out and buying grip tape you could just find a tech-deck in your house

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