Picture of making a paper foil skateboard not card board
a teck deck / mini skateboard made from foil
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Step 1: Metirals and cut

Picture of metirals and cut
first u need grip tape and paper foil now first get a sheet of foil and cut in half

Step 2: Shape

Picture of shape
now take the foil keep on folding it until it looks like this

Step 3: Shapee 2

Picture of shapee 2
now take the front and back edges and roll them a little bit

Step 4: Pinch

Picture of pinch
now make the edges by pinching the sides up

Step 5: Pinch

Picture of pinch
now make the edges by pinching the sides up

Step 6: Tape

Picture of tape
take a strip of tape and put it in the middle

Step 7: Coustmize

Picture of coustmize
now color it or do what ever with its done
how do you use it do you need trucks on?
da fox144112 (author) 8 years ago
this is my first instrustuble
dude do you like naruto? well i tied it and then upgraded it by making a tech deck and taping together and it rox!
Stevolution8 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
IT is 1 more Instructable that he has made more than you.
mr. destrun7 years ago
i agree with you stevolution i tried to do some tricks an shit came out
Mace427 years ago
drake24688 years ago
Pretty Good Man For You First Instructable
jeffreyf8 years ago
What does one do with this?
instead of going out and buying grip tape you could just find a tech-deck in your house