Making a Wood Pen

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Introduction: Making a Wood Pen

Hello everyone
My last two instructables where about computers, this one is very low tech

It explains how make a pen using wood, or actually, coal

It's easy, cheap and it's green!

Step 1: You'll Need

1: a thin stick (tip: used)
2: a lighter or matches
3: a (dry) pen
4: paper or if you really want to be green, bark from a cut down tree ready to be produced (it's usually burnt or thrown away, so it's even free)

Step 2: Preparing the Wood

Take the stick and light it.
Let it burn for a few seconds and blow it out. If a small piece keeps smuldering it's good, just let it for a few seconds and then remove air from it (just grab it between thumb and first finger if it's small, if it's larger use a piece of cloth)

Step 3: Making the Pen

break off the stick to about the size of the ink pattern in the pen (the exact length, plus the difference between the tip while not writing and writing), remove the pattern and (if it's in there) the spring.

Put in the stick and write away



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    How long will it write? Interesting.

    It's a nice idea, but there's no way this is a "green" ible.

    Actually, if you combined the idea of using a dead pen as a holder for narrow singed wood, with the idea of making charcoal, you'd have the makings of a really useful 'ible - charcoal that doesn't make your hands dirty.

    could I change it to make it green? (or if not, remove it from the contest)

    You'd have to use something other than the lighter to blacken the wood.

    Maybe sunlight and a magnifying glass?

    Even better, if the wood you use is collected instead of processed and bought - maybe whittle a driftwood twig into a point and then blacken that?

    The important thing, to be "green", it has to recycle/reuse something that would otherwise be thrown away, or come up with a replacement for a non-environmental device or process.

    Here, I'd say you were trying to replace the ink, but, long term, it's not a very practical way of doing that, having to re-burn the wood every few letters.

    Good early attempt, though.

    wow! but i don't think thats really helping the envirement

    Smart, but I do have to agree with lawizeg...

    You can actually KILL the tree if you take enough off.

    yep, so just don't listen to whatever I say