today im telling you folks how to make egg frames, of course frames to make your egg look different when you eat it. hehehehehe i do hope you have fun......................

Step 1: Getting Prepared

of course u will need bread as many as you want (it acually depends on how many your doing) like im doing two so im getting 2 pieces of bread. LIKE THESE UNDER HERE.at last but not least the eggs hehehehehe. dont forget the oil for your frying pan or something else you use. have fun
oh my!!! this brings me back years to when my dad and i would make it, and he said his mom enjoyed making it too! however, for us it was a "one-eyed egg" great instructable!
HA! lol, We've been doing that sence I was 7 in my family, we just call it eggs in toast...
cool i might do it again it was quitye delicious
Never heard of it called 'Egg frames'... we call it 'Eggs in a hole' around here. I like to use ALOT of butter in the pan when I fry mine, it makes the toast very crispy and a little salty. Compliments the eggs well.
yer but i meant to do the egg only to look like a heart but the dam egg gor stuck to the bread not my fault. any tipps for not to get stuck
Ohhh, you were trying to get a heart shaped egg... removing the toast later. I don't think you could do it how you are thinking, because the egg soaks into the bread, then cooks, attaching the egg to the bread. If you just want a heart shaped egg, get some flat metal, about 1" wide, make a heart shape, put that on your frying pan, and crack the egg into there. You get your cooked egg in the shape of a heart. You might even be able to find a cookie cutter that would do the job. But, what would look nice is a heart shape cut out (using that cookie cutter), and use whole wheat, or some other kind of brown bread (pumpernickel). The brown bread would contrast nicely with the white egg.
i thought about using a metal aswell but i thought it would melt or something or accually burn
My scout troop used to make these on camp-outs, but we called them "Toad in a hole". same concept except we would fold the break in half, take a big bit out, and unfold to make the hole. They were really good.
In the UK, "toad in the hole" is a sausage cooked into a Yorkshire pudding.
We have something similar to that, it is a sausage wrapped in biscuit called 'pig in a blanket'.
And, more often than not, it is delicious.

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