Making Fire With a Chocolate Bar





Introduction: Making Fire With a Chocolate Bar

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How to make fire with only a chocolate bar

and a tin can.

Step 1: Unwrap Your Chocolate Bar

Unwrap the chocolate bar half way.

Step 2: Rub Your Chocolate on a Can

Rub your chocolate bar on the can until the can is

very shiny.

Step 3: Shine the Sun From the Can to Your Tinder

Get your can in just the right position that the sun shines

off of the can and on to the your tinder.

Step 4: Use the Tinder to Ignite Your Fire Set Up

Then simply ignite your fire set up with

your chocolate lit tinder.



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    The chocolate is a polishing agent, and the bottom of the soda can, once polished, will make a suitable parabolic mirror for focusing solar energy onto a combustable material.

    Is taking that bite out of the chocolate bar first a required step, or optional? :D

    Good cause once you have fire. You have a nice meal. Chocolate! :)

    I've seen this technique before. I think some chocolate bars are sort of waxy, and will reflect the light from the sun. Good job!