Picture of making pea shooters shoot skewers
i will show you how to make pea shooter shoot skewers
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Step 1: What you will need

Picture of what you will need
you will need a pea shooter, there are some on this website, and any length of half inch pvc pipe.

Step 2: How to make it

Picture of how to make it
put the pvc pipe in the opening of the peashooter and you're done. this is what it's suposed to look like.
coddbro5 years ago
for the barrel u can use a cardboard toilet roll or a handy towel roll
jayro7077 years ago
Baulan7 years ago
I sometimes make these things when im bored. I prefer using a finger of latex gloves instead of a balloon. It stretches way better.
Allonsy7 years ago
instructa-fan uses bad words!!!! ( you'll have 2 excuse me but im still young....) nice instructable by the way
snipeyouout (author) 7 years ago
pull back the balloon then let go.
i tried7 years ago
how to u shoot
drake8 years ago
I used a balloon, but for a barral I used artillery shell tubs sorry cant spell