Introduction: Making Wooden Chairs

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Step 1: PDF Plans of Backups, Legs and Seat

First we will use the plane as a reference for measurements and design, the plane can be printed in an A- 0 format which has 1/1 scale .

Step 2: Turning the Legs

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let's turning the legs according to plan !

Step 3: Cut to Size!

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Step 4: Next Step! Make the Perforations

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for this we have to adjust the pedestal to -10 degrees and try to punch presses legs .

Step 5:

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Step 6: Structure Backups

Picture of Structure Backups

Step 7: Holes for Wooden Dowels!

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Step 8: Gluing and Bonding Assembly

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Step 9:

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Step 10: FinisheD!

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wrightandreas (author)2017-10-11

This time I'll use WoodPrix instructions to make it myself :)

gabrieltaft (author)2014-12-02

I love the different back shapes you did on the chairs.

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