Making Your Ugly Headphones Nicer


Introduction: Making Your Ugly Headphones Nicer

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I got this pair of awesome headphones. Well, they were awesome sounding, but they looked awful. Who wear orange and white? I felt like an idiot. I wear a lot of dark colors and hate white they had the brand name plastered all over them, and the company logo which I didn't like. I hate wearing or using things that have logos and crap all over them- I prefer to wear my own brands and logos that I created..because I am not someone'e free billboard.

They are good headphones. So it's a decent company. But I hate being a billboard for anyone.
so I decided to paint them.

These headphones only came in three color schemes, all equally horrid. orange/white, pink/cream, and black/crappy gold-like color.

I like dull black by itself. I like simple things. So here's how I changed them.

Step 1: Getting Ready

You need:

good spray paint

clear matte finish spray paint

tape (I had no masking tape so I used packing tape.)

sunshine to dry it in

headphones that are a bad color

an exacto if you want to get fussy about taping off knobs and stuff

Step 2: Painting Prep

make sure the headphones' top sliders are pulled out/extended for the painting, otherwise you will have areas of the old bad color showing if you extend them. Put them on and find the comfy extension and leave it open that far when you paint.

Tape off all the soft parts of the headphones and any foam. You don't want to paint the part that will be touching your ear. Luckily my foamy parts were a pleasing dark grey.

If you want to you could just take off the soft part/foamy things and tape off the speaker area instead. I taped off the foam because I didn't want any white peeking out anywhere inadvertently, and this way I could tell what was covered by them and what wasn't. So it whichever way is easier with your headphones.

Also if you have any knobs or switches (like on my "subwoofer" thing) that you tape those over as well. You don't want to impair the function of the headphones by sticking things ogether with paint.

Also tape off the connector/jack metal part. I forgot to do this and had to go back and wipe it off with solvent to get the paint off it so they'd work properly.

Step 3: Actually Painting

go outside. put on a ventilator (or, like I did, a burqha or bandana)

Lay the headphones on a surface that you don't mind messing up with spray paint. I used mtn black matte and olive green for my paints. These are easier to work with because they are slow-flow. You can use any kind of spray paint (unless there is metal on the headphones that you're painting, in which case use metal-adhering paint for sure)

Make sure that the cord isn't touching itself, blocking itself, crossing itself. Then lay it out into a tight spiral (as tight as you can) this makes it so you can paint one side, without wasting too much paint, then flip and do the other side.

Paint your headphones.

Make sure you get the inside of the swivel areas and the top and sides of the headpiece too.

Let it dry, then flip the whole thing over and hit the other side.

I did a thick coat of black and let it drip a little. Then I did a thin uneven coat of the olive green to make the black look old.

Once all the paint is dry, spray on a layer of matte protectant clearcoat. The matte is a tiny bit more elastic and a tiny bit less likely to flake. It will keep the paint sticking to the plastic., for longer, too.

Step 4: Finishing

untape them.

clean off any mistakes with solvent/paint remover on a paper towel or bit of rag.

color in any tiny areas you missed with sharpie, and hit with a tiny bit of the clearcoat. (that way the sharpies won't wear off on you)

apply cool stickers of your own to cover up the brand name that shows through because it's textured. (damn you brands)

Enjoy your new, less-gaudy, no longer ugly as hell headphones.



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    We'll the mtn can Probley cost more then the head phones !!!!! so what's ur tag

    i agree.. black looks nice, but it may have been a bit off and may have made your phones look cheap

    a different color or/shade could've been nicer

    you coulda gotten another 20 bucks and got some awesome sennheisers, alls the skullcrushers do is vibrate, everything else is pretty mediocre

     Toss those cans and get some real headphones =D

    I was thinking about doing this to my pair of SC's (Hesh) because they're black with their name in green all over it and it looks stupid. I ordered black ones online but they sent me these instead, so I wanted to paint them but wasnt sure how. Thanks for doing this so I know spray paint wont ruin the headphones.

    Thanks a lot, it's really helpful. What exact type of color did you use for this? And how much does one cost usually?

    I like the shape of the ear on these. I also love the heavy bass. The sony version cost about 30$ more, and when I was trying to justify 60$ headphones another 30 just was not going to happen. They do make black ones with UGLY GOLD ACCENTS on them. No bling fo rme, thanks. badger man, I don't like gold (which is what the ones you refer to have as accents on them) and I don't care if it's even a tiny billboard. That skull is poorly drawn and I don't like wearing advertsising for anyone (even if I like the product) And yeah, these vibrate, they are GREAT. I love them. If I didn't love them I wouldn't want to customize them at all, I'd just not have bought them.

    1 reply

    I'll happily advertise Grado and Alessandro for free through, because I believe they should get more business.

    each to his/her own... i for one love the skullcandy logo, and as i have a pair of lowriders slung around my neck 90% o the time im kinda biased, but the white was fugly, i do like the black/gold combo tho so meh... good ible

    3 replies

    Black and gold is one of the ugliest combinations out there. Black dark green and silver are much better. Orange and white is pretty cool, though, I wouldn't mind them.

    thanks! Yeah, it's not a bad logo as they go, but it's still a logo. Mine are on my head almost 24/7.

    the black skull candy low riders are good, in respects to colouring, and bilboard wise they're not bad, and who wouldnt want a massive amount of bass?

    sony v6's are black already, but i guess if you want enough bass to rupture your ear drums these are okay too...

    prety awesome, I pretty much modify just about everything I own to make it that mush more to my taste. But don't they make these in black stock? And if not, then why not get a set of Sony DJ500's, they look about the same and are really high quality. Great Instructable though, pretty neat to know I'm not the only one to push the envelope a little more and modify something that is already pretty cool.

    Skullcandy makes something that ugly? Are those the ones that the whole thing vibrates? I love those.