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Introduction: Mandalorian Executioner Helmet

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Hi there, sorry for my English, i'm sure you'ill find a lot of mistakes in my article, but.. Okey, this is a short story, where i want to tell you, how i made my helmet from world famous saga "Star Wars". I know, that i don't say you a lot of important things about this process and if you have some questions i'ill answer with pleasure

p.s i don't like my "rangefinder" and i'm going to rebuild it

Materials you need:

1) your hands

2) glue gun (and glue for it, of course)

3) putty (i used latex putty, but it would be better to use putty for car repairing)

3) cardboard and paper

4) paint in balloons, paint for scale models, acrylic paint (if you want to do washing)

5) packing out of Christmas toys and (i don't know, if i wrote it correctly) tinting

Step 1: Helmet

First what you need to do is to buy a helmet for rollerblading and remove the "stuffing" from it. Pay attention, you need to buy a helmet smaller, than your head

Step 2: Template

Then you need to draw a template of your helmet, but you can (i did the same) just download prepared templates (here they are) and redraw them. After that you need to glue them on cardboard and attach it on your plastic helmet

Step 3: Putty

I think you don't need any commentaries here, everything you need- ask your grandmother to putty your masterpiece:)

Step 4: Painting

When your mandalorian helmet is really smooth you can paint it and put on your shelf) i advise you to buy "montana black"- that's really good paint. Oh, for making damage you can use paint for scale models "revell"- dark grey and metallic

Step 5: Finishing

You can add different horns or what ever you want, i made my horns out of clay.. After that you need to do a visor out of packaging from the Christmas toys and tinting

Good luck, thank you for your attention



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why does the helmet need to be smaller then your head? and what do you do with the putty?


Do I need to scale the acrobat doc up to my head size, or does it work as is?

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I think, you don't need it. I know a lot of people, who've used the standart size and everything was fine)
But if you decide to make helmet the same way as me, you'll need to add a detail in the back of helmet (keyhole) because of specific size of rollerblade helmet. That's not a big proplem, you'll understand what i'm writing about

Well, I still need to put bondo stuff on and paint, but it's otherwise finished and I'll post another when I paint. It'll be done this weekend ;)

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Hey, the pic didn't post

... oh well I'll do it on the computer when it's done

i'm waiting for it, good luck in this hard process!)

ok, I've got a couple final questions: how far around the helmet does the visor piece (not the visor; the piece around it) go?

how far down does the visor go in relation to how wide it is?

did you tilt the rollerblading helmet down a bit when attaching the pieces? it looks like it's tilted forward

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Oh, sorry, didn't understand your questions. Just find the templates of Boba Fett's helmet and cut them out, redraw on cardboard or PVC and then glue on helmet, after that you should craft depending on situation, use your imagination and improvisation ;D

They didn't make much sense, so I decided to wing it. Are you telling me that they make more sense on paper then on the computer screen?

Yes, of course, as you print then, you'll have an opportunity to redraw them on PVC much easier

Ok thanks cause I can't get the angles right so I'll do that

actually never mind. I think I've got it, I just couldn't see the visor from a good angle because I was trying to see how it looked while it was on my head :D

what did you use for the tinting? all I can find anywhere is mirror tinting, and that doesn't quite seem right

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I've used transparent plastic and black tinting for cars

ok. I thought maybe it was the car stuff, but it looked like it darkened the view from inside as well so I wasn't sure

It cost about 13$

Nice helmet dude! Here is my executioner helmet, Im doing a instructable for it soon.