Maple Milk





Introduction: Maple Milk

great tasting beverage!enjoy

Step 1: Poor Milk in to the Cup

maple milk is avery satisfieing beverage thet my dad used to make as a kid!

Step 2: Next Poor a Little Maple Syrup in With the Milk,less for Less Sweet More for More Sweet.

poor the syrup.

Step 3: Next Stir It Up Good!

drink away



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    I learned to make this in kindergarten in 1988. We were taught to add cinnamon on top and it was delicious. I have been drinking maple syrup in my milk since then, which is not all that bad for you but some people will always debate anything just for sake of having an opinion.

    Dont be afraid to mix it up with other ingredients science is everywhere!

    MMMMH- Tastes like Braiiinz!!!

    this is good, i like it! i think i will make a latte but use this instead of regular milk!

    cool idea! i love maple syrup or pretty much maple anything must try

    My brother used to make that. He called it maple milk as well. I found it vile, but sometimes I'm known to put salt on apples as I eat them. Occasionally, I used to swipe a potato as my Mom was peeling them, put sugar on it (the potato, not my Mom), and eat it.

    Add some burbon (1 jigger) and you have milk punch. Best thing EVER. Bravo sir.

    hmmmm... ill have to try this for dinner. ill tell you if it turns out well!