Picture of marianette update
This is an update of my former instructable http://www.instructables.com/id/Row-pull-push-bike-la-marianette/

After a year of daily work and more than 1000 Km the hinge was wearing out  making steering unprecise. So I decided to rebuilt the mechanism and try to make it even stronger.

Many people watched the original instructable last year but nobody told me about doing something similar. I hope this one helps somebody to try it. The bicycle is really fun and many interested people ask me about it in the street.

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Step 1:

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The new hinge is built using a wheel hub, a handlebar stem and a front fork.

Step 2:

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Hub diameters are not standard.

The diameter of the hub should be similar to the diameter of the handlebar stem.

Step 3:

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The spokes of the bicycle wheel are dismounted. The hub is kept to be used as a bearing.

Step 4:

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The stem clamp was opened using a big screwdriver and pliers.

Of course you would not do that with an aluminum stem!
Aluminum stems have usually a two pieces clamp, this step would not be needed. However, matching the diameter of the hub would be more difficult.

Step 5:

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Hub into the clamp.
Clamp closed with pliers.
Clamp screw inserted and tightened.

Step 6:

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The stem is mounted in the bicycle

Step 7:

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The fork is mounted on the hub.

Step 8:

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The handlebar is fixed to the fork using another stem.

Step 9:

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A pedal is fixed to the fork. I used a crank shortener and a couple of seat clamps  for that.
You may also find a way to fix a spare crank to the fork instead.

Step 10:

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I used a satellite clamp and a M8 threaded rod to couple the pedals.

Step 11:

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The front crank is now fixed with aluminum profiles. The profiles are screwed to the fork using the mudguard hole and a seat clamp fixed to the stem.

Step 12:

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I changed the elastic ropes by springs.

Finished. Steering is really better. I hope it will work for another year.