Introduction: Mason Jar Chandelier

Picture of Mason Jar Chandelier

simple chandelier made with household items

Step 1: Tools

drill, screws, staple gun

Step 2: Material

Picture of Material

various sized mason jars
light-lamp kit

Step 3: Arrangement

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arrange the jars in the pattern you like ..i did small medium large..small jars on in inside hanging on so forth

Step 4: Wiring

Picture of Wiring

drill holes through the pre marked wood base on the spots you want your jars to dangle wire through the holes knot and staple wire to the opposite side of the wood base..

Step 5: Attaching Light

Picture of Attaching Light

my base just so happened to have a big hole in the center that i stuck the light through a long with a mason jar lid and clamped them to the wood base using lights clamp function..then screwed my largest jar over the light

Step 6: Jar Attachment

Picture of Jar Attachment

tie a piece of wire around each jar and another piece from one side of the lid the the other

Step 7: Attaching Jars

Picture of Attaching Jars

attach each jar to one of the dangling wires ..then add bunch of jars around the outside rim of the wood base

Step 8: Finishing the Base

Picture of Finishing the Base

screw chain in the top of the wood base ..hang..boom ..done


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2015-01-06

Oooo so pretty! Very nice use for the old mason jars, and they really look great!

thank you. thats very comforting seeing as this is my first instructable

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