Picture of match box pinhole camera.
Interested in building a matchbox pinhole camera? A simple and cheap way to get into the amazing world of DIY Pinhole Photography!
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Step 1: You will need......

Picture of You will need......

A matchbox ! (standard matchboxes are usually just the right width for 35mm film)
A new roll of 35mm film.  Any type will do, but normal colour print film 100 or 200 speed works very well
An empty roll of 35mm film with at least 1cm stub of film sticking out.  Ask at your local photo labs, they normally throw away/recycle these.
Some thin cardboard (the box the new film comes in is fine)
An empty aluminium drinks can
Black PVC electricians tape
The plastic from a spiral binder, or any small piece of thin, curved plastic
A fine sewing needle or pin
A sharp craft knife
A black marker pen

Step 2: The box

Picture of The box
Remove the inner part of the matchbox, the match tray. Mark out a 24mm square exactly in the centre of the match tray. Alternatively, if you want standard format rectangular photos (some photo labs will find these easier to print) mark out a 36mm x 24mm rectangle. Carefully cut out the frame shape with a sharp knife, keeping the edges as neat as possible, or if you prefer, make it messy, it's up to you! Any rough edges and card fibres will appear around the edges of each photo.

Step 3:

Picture of
To reduce internal reflections in the camera, colour in the inside of the tray with a black felt tipped pen.

Step 4:

Picture of
Try to colour the inside front of the matchbox sleeve black too

Step 5:

Picture of
Exactly in the centre of the front of the matchbox sleeve, mark out a 6mm square. Carefully cut this square out keeping the edges as neat as possible to avoid fluffy fibres obscuring the image.

made it for a stem project, let's see how it works

rimar20001 year ago
Samples can be found here.
Impressive gallery! Some images deserve to be in a world photo gallery.

Some photos seem to have a bit of chromatic aberration. In example "Unriped" or so. I am curious about that.
Unfortunately, I'm not the author/photographer, so I can't answer your question.
it is copied even the picture