My first instructable in whitch I will tell you how to make a miniature rocket
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Step 1: Materials

first thing is to gather needed materials



-plastic coated paperclip

-safety pin

-wire cutters

{all materials should total less than $10.}

Step 2: Stand assembly

to create the stand, cut the tip of the safety pinso the tip is not sharp.Then crumple about 3-4sq.inches of tinfoil with the pin at about 45 degrees up.

Step 3: Now the rocket.

using wire cutters cut the tip of the match off.
now cut about 3" of tinfoil. place the match head on the left-hand side of the foil about 2cm.over from the edgestraighten the paperclip and place directly underneath. fold the top over the head+clip and then fold it left to right untill it is air tight.twist foil around clip tightly. you can now remove the paper cilp.

Step 4: Firing the rocket

set rocket on safety pin and aim away from anything flamable.depending on how well this is built it could go from a couple of inches to 20 feet. light another match and hold it under the enclosed match head.if built corectly it should take off
canida8 years ago
Please add pictures before attempting to republish.