all you need is:

. matches

. tin foil

. paper clip

. tape

this was inspired by popscott3

Step 1: The Rocket

put 2 matches facing each other on a 2"x3" piece of tin foil

Step 2: The Rocket

start rolling the tin foil around the matches

Step 3: The Rocket

when the tin foil is all rolled up twist both ends around the matches tightly

Step 4: The Launcher

bend the paper clip as shown in the photo

and then tape the rocket to the paper clip

Step 5: Firing the Rocket

hold a match under

the rocket and wait until blast off

I just had a vision... Flaming matches headed towards the curtains. cool...
<p>so did I ? Do NOT light them inside!</p>
<p>yes it works</p>
Does this work?
Not sure it will work ...

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Bio: i like to make instructables ,rockets launchers,rockets and bombs
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