Mathematical trick

There is a mathematical trick for those people who are most knows the math....     2+2=5 

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Step 3:

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all know these mathematical formulas
1) a=4  b=9/2

2) a=5  b=9/2
knektek1 year ago
in step 5, you are left with a positive or a negative result. This means that your answer is wrong and you should have checked it before posting this.
okrolomi (author)  knektek1 year ago
see step 7 or video....
same focus mathematical !!!!

In this case, if the 4 part of the equation will be negative, so the answer will be 0.5 = -4 - -4.5 in order to satisfy the right side of the equation. This convention applies when the 5 part of the equation is negative -5 - -4.5 = -0.5. This means that the 4 part will equal -0.5 and is satisfied. When you square root, there has to be a negative and positive answer. You have to factor out -1 from the equation to eliminate ambiguity.
Tzalon1 year ago
I hate to throw a wrench into your instructable, but in the step giving values to "a" and "b"; "a" was given two different values in the same equation 4 on one side and 5 on the other. Kudos on the attempt, but but a few more "confounding" intermediate steps will hide the "trick" better.
okrolomi (author)  Tzalon1 year ago
It is mathematical trick, focus...

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