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i hoped you enjoyed this instructble!

just click that follow button to help support the goal of getting 30 followers!:) A little disciption of this project is that i was trying to make a world that was odd so i decided to do this. to make this just make a big dirt wall and put 4 logs on eachother sideways and but some leaves on it to make a tree. also you can try to make a sideways house as a challenge!:)
Very cool idea, well executed. Keep going!
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Hey you still around? Stay tuned for new posts!
thank kitay for the complement!
oh and check out my youtube channel called dafterose lego or one vid is eclipsegrfax custom modern soilder!
yeah i know mybe i will fix it
don't mean to be mean but the trees look akward
Dude that is awesome!!
dont know use a random one
Cool ill try and do it also what seed are you using?

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