all of my nerf guns
LolzMan1 month ago
wish I could get a better photo
LolzMan1 month ago
Not a good idea. I agree with Echosi, it is a VERY bad idea to paint a nerf gun fully black. To avoid this, unscrew the blaster and remove the orange components. You can then apply --> 2 OR MORE <-- coats of chosen paint by air brush or spray. That would increase your safety outside, and also make your gun look better. here is a picture of my best paint job/mod:
photo-2014-06-16, 10:30 AM.jpg
plumeri15 months ago
It's just a nerf longstrike,recon,and reflex very heavily moded,so what?
Nerfofsteel11 months ago
I'm sorry, but the recon and longstrike, the way you've "modded" them, would shoot about as far as a Tek 3.
Echosi2 years ago
Wow, I hope you don't plan on taking those outside. I've lost count of how many times I've tried to convince people that all black paint jobs are a bad idea. I guess some people just like getting shot more than I do.

Anyway, your Reflex is interesting. I'm assuming the handle on the back is used to prime it and not just some sort of mini-stock. I can honestly say that I've never seen anything like it before.

And those extra long barrels have to be killing your ranges (which would explain why your Reflex can out shoot your Longstrike).
mmhiggins2 years ago
cool, what did you use for the barrels? and what internal mods? I have been tweaking the heck out of my long shot. it currently shoots around 70 feet with 2 springs, no AR, plugged up air excess hole, and thicker plunger. I plan to give it a cpvc barrel too. It makes unmodified guns plead for mercy. four stars
radracer2 years ago
Thanks for the instructions. Man, I couldn't have managed to tape things to things if you hadn't explained it to me.
dark nerfer (author) 2 years ago
isaid me insted of my (face palm)