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Introduction: MeArm.Joystick DIY En

Original: Pheonoptix's Pocket Sized Robot Arm.

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Since MeArm is great for educational use, I added joystick and 30 software lessons for S4A/C/Ardublock. All of them are open.

Files :

Assembly manual : meArmJoystick-DIY.pdf

Extension board EagleCad : Joystick

Laser Cut : meArm.Joystick lasercut.pdf

Step 1: Out of Box

1) Acrylic

2) Servo x 4

3) Arduino x 1

4) Joystick shield x 1

5) Bluetooth board x 1

6) Elastomer gasket x 4

7) Screws M3


20mm x 4

12mm x 7

8mm x 16

6mm x 9

Nut x 14

Cooper pillar x 7


Step 2: Base

Necessary screws:
1) 20 mm x 4

2) Cooper Pillar x 4

Step 3: First Servo

As the first figure shows, please choose the servo with the longest axis. Please pay special care in each servo installation because servo can only rotate 180 degrees instead of 360 degrees.
Necessary screws:

1) 8mm x 2

Step 4: Left Arm

Please attach the stick and rotate the servo clockwise until it stops. Then fix the stick as the last fourth figure.
Necessary screws:

1) 12mm x 3

2) 8mm x 2

Step 5: Right Arm

Please attach the stick and rotate the servo clockwise until it stops. Then fix the stick as the last figure.
Necessary screws shows:

1) 12mm x 3

2) 8mm x 2

3) 6mm x 1

Step 6: Left Arm + Chassis

Necessary screws:

1) 12mm x 2

2) 6mm x 1

Step 7: Right Arm + Chassis

Step 8: Middle Column

Step 9: Merging With the Base

Please attach the chassis to the base, rotate the servo clockwise until it stops. Then fix the servo on the base as the last figure shows.

Step 10: Branch 1

Necessary screws:
6mm x 2

Step 11: Branch 2

The number of the branch is 2.
Necessary screws:

1) 8mm x 1

2) 6mm x 1

Step 12: Last Servo

Necessary screws:
8mm x 4

Step 13: Gripper 1

Necessary screws:
1) 8mm x 1

2) 6mm x 3

Step 14: Gripper 2

Rotate the servo clockwise until it stops and fix it as the last second figure. Rotate counterclockwise a little bit to connect the stick and the gripper.

Step 15: Attach the Gripper

Step 16: Add the Control Board

Please pay attention to the color of the 4 servo cables. The yellow color is adjacent to the arm. The coffee color is next to the joystick.

Step 17: Trouble Shooting

1) Why does the LED on the joystick board flash?
A) The LED just lights up normally. It flashes when the board reboots. The reason is that there is too much current on the board. It may cause the servo angle to get out of range, as the screw is driven too tight.

B) Solution: Loosen the screws in each joint. Disconnect all the servo cables and reconnect them one by one. Please also check to see if you are following this manual when assembling the servos.

For any problem, please email me at ted99 at or add me as friend in FB. (Ted Lien)

Step 18: 30 Software Lessons

Click here for coding lesson on S4A/C/Ardublock.



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    Very cool! Thanks for sharing these instructions. They look very easy to follow for anyone assembling this neat looking kit.

    Thanks and it's great that you like it.

    Thank you for making this tutorial!

    Where did you purchase the shield with two thumb joysticks? I'm mostly seeing shields with one thumb and four push buttons. Can I add another thumb joystick in place of the buttons?

    Building a me arm, I think power is a huge problem, most servos will reset the arduino if driven directly from the 5v supply of the arduino.

    I am planning to update the board and schematic to add additional servos, and the ability to add a seperate source of power for the servos, which can power the arduino.

    Hi there! Does anyone know where I can get the joystick control board? I've been looking around online but I've not found anything yet. Appreciate the help, thanks!

    The shield is customly made for MeArm.Joystick. You can find circuit diagram on top of this post.