Picture of measure Feet  per second, or miles per hour
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Simple way to measure fps using a camera and cardboard. your video camera takes a picture several times per second, if you know how fast id dose this then you can calculate speed my camera takes a picture 30 times per second (30 frames per second) if your camera is slower it will be less accurate and might not see projectile.
I shot my 180 fps airsoft gun and my camera got only 1frame of it. My 270 fps gun the camera did not see.
this is not to be judged in the launch it competition, its for the many people that could use this to improve their instructables
video on step 5

using some gestimation (fired sling shot and half way pulled back) i estimated the speed of my sling shot at 72 miles per hour (at full speed the camera didnt see any thing so i just multiplied by 2 i know its not accurate but it dosent have to be.)

the pics below:
it spent 4 frames on the lined part of board. after crunching the numbers the 14 gram projectile averaged 7.5fps (this is one of 5 tests) it was fired from my 7 gram torsion spring catapult
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Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of gather materials
you will need:
a camera (at least 20 frames per second)
flat cardboard ( around 2 feet long 1 foot tall)
ruler (as long as cardboard is tall)
tape or thick marker (tape: blue scotch painters tape 1inch think)
calculator (recommended not needed)
tripod recommended

Step 2: Board set up

Picture of board  set up
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board set up 001.jpg
using a pencil and ruler mark 1 inch along the board
do the same for opposite side.

then draw a strait line across.

if using tape, tape right between the lines.

if using marker color between lines

if your board has little bit left over just put "spots" so you know its not a full inch
jakee1177 years ago
lol my hand writing is just as bad all the time Someone who understands my language yay! lol
Derin jakee1176 years ago
I can read that too.
jakee117 Derin6 years ago
someone has infiltrated my code....

i shall destroy you!

lol jk
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No,I shall destroy you
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touche or however the hell you spell that... what with the accent and stuff...
The conversion isn't too hard, once you get one or the other side. Multiply f/s by 0.3048 to get m/s. Easy as pi.
Ha ha. pi
Sypran7 years ago
hey dude im trying to come up with a "standard" firepower idea that might be usefull to finding out the true power of a gun, what would you say the adverage of a normal blue rod shooting gun?, and one that fires through papper?
Ribs7 years ago
If yoy wanted this to be for cm pper second or km per second would you just make the gaps 1 cm wide ir is there something else? great instructable
Wolfpack8717 years ago
Wow, I also wondered how the mythbusters do it. Although i'm too lazy to take the measurements and figure it out by my self. It's not all that hard.
this would work great with a high speed camera
yep it would ithink they cost a couple hundred each, the idea here is you can do this with a digital camera with at least 30framspersec
here are some hi-speed cameras
yeah i no did you get this idea from mythbusters because they use it alot
o, thats were i got it, i had this dream that i was using it to test some gun thing i made. next day i made this and i knew id seen it in the real world i just couldn't remember where. so yeah i guess i subconsciouly (sp) i did
whoa cool
no, that is too low, I think more like a thousand
Whaleman7 years ago
Yeah, I agree with oinkoinkzoopals, it really should be done with a high-speed camera, that way when you are done you can take a whole bunch of cool high-speed footage afterwards, like popping a water balloon, or dropping a water droplet. And don't you know that you are supposed to do math in pencil?
that was pencil. origanly i had no plans of making an instructable so i didnt use a graph or bother with erasing cause it was for my dyslexic eyes only
that was pencil, it looks like pen to me.
i use dark .5 lead (graphite) the florescent lights above are making it look bluish
oh, I use .2, cause that is what the scantrons read
Ramnosity7 years ago
Well technically 1 frame is 29.97 FPS. So next time maybe crunch with that to get an exact. But it's a really good instructable.
iknow thats the standard but my camera has a 15 and a 30 setting. this isnt data used by nasa or any body elce but me and the few (10,000max) people that will read this. so i dont think its that big of a deal.
Kiteman7 years ago
The video is hard to see - do you have to have the caption in the middle?

If it's the result of using a free version of some software, why not just use something like Windows Movie Maker?
i make shooting things (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
yes unfortunately thats the only free software i have. mylaptop should have came with free software, it didnt i should be able to download it offline i cant i need to have an old version which i dont. thats the best i could do sorry
awsome instuctable i plan to try to use it on my next science project
lol a manual poor mans cronograph :-\