Nds Stylus Pen Using a Mechanical Pencil!

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Introduction: Nds Stylus Pen Using a Mechanical Pencil!

hey guys & gals! this is my first instructable,so go easy on me:).i will teach you how to make a stylus pen using a mechanical pencil!i have made two, using different methods for each one. But for now i will teach you how to make one similar to the red one(the black one is not very good as i made it by messing it up!)

Step 1: Items!

you will need:
a mechanical pencil(any kind will do)

Firstly you will need to use scissors to pry off the tip of the pen.

Step 2: Step 2

press and hold down the back clickie thing of the pen,this will push up a thing with a metal piece on it.cut this off.

Step 3: Step 3

once cutting off the metal thing, you will be able to take the insides out.remove spring and clickie.trim the tip to your liking. put the tip close to a flame to make the tip smooth so it wont scratch.

Step 4: Voila!

your stylus is finsihed.
Optional: make holes and put string through so you can attach it to your nds :)(dont forget to comment and also add pics of your styli)



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    This did not work. Not on galaxy, samsung tablet, or Ipad

    Oh whoops... wrong DIY ingie... sorry

    Oh whoops... wrong DIY ingie... sorry

    Dear Obito, if you are reading this, are you allowed to use an un-used AAA Battery?? Please respond to this comment. Thank you.

    If you have a mechanical pencil with a plastic tip (as opposed to the kind with the retracting metal ones).. you can just push the lead in and use it as is...

    but den u might scratch da screen

    not with the plastic ones... with metal tipped ones, yes. if you don't push the lead back into the pencil, yes. I'm sorry, but did you even read my comment?

    Great!Nice and simple!