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Introduction: Medieval Dress

This is my newest addition to my medieval wardrobe. It is an undergarment and I am going to have a green gown over it. This dress is made of linen, special fittet and hand sewn by myself, though the sleeves aren’t perfect. I have used approx half a year on and off it to get it done. The sleeve is fittet closely to my arm and is buttoned with 12 handmade buttons on each sleeve. The front is closed with pointed threads woven through eyelets in the dress.
The headpiece is also completely hand sewn, with green embroidery. It has taken about 3 days to make without the embroidery and about 3-4 more to do the embroidery.
I’m quite happy with the outcome, though I’m going the fit a new dress to myself soon.



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    Unfortunately not for the dress, as it was special drafted for me. The basic pattern, however, can be found in the book "the medieval tailor's assistant". The headdress is just a round piece of cloth, the diameter slightly larger than from the top of my forehead, to the nape of my neck and then pleated to size, the front sewn onto a strip long enough to tie at the back. although the front strip and the circle is only joined until behind the ears, the rest of the circle is pleated unto a hidden strip of fabric. I hope it is enough for you to try to make yourself, otherwise you are welcome to write to me again and I can try to help you further.

    Great, thank you so much! I haven't heard of that book so will now try to track it down. I have a pile of cheap calico here ready to practice on!I think you've done a great job and I love the colour, and the embroidery.

    Accurate, and lovely. Your talent is amazing. You obviously spent hours of research on this. I'm drawn to the Italian Renaissance, but if I was doing recreation, this would be the light that led me. Kudos.

    This is amazing. Well done

    It is mostly hand stitched, I've only used machine for places where it couldn't be seen and then did the handywork everywhere else.

    Most excellent! Due to lack of sewing machine I do all my costuming with hand stitching. Its my!

    That looks like it was an insane amount of work! I can't sew to save my life so most of my Halloween costumes tend to have very little sewing involved...

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    the buttons was hell, they took around half an hour each, and the eyelets did the same. But the rest of the dress was a breeze, but I've made around four of these now, so I'm in the habit.
    The thing that takes the most time besides the buttons and eyelets, is the fitting of the dress, but when I've made a fittet pattern, I won't change it before my body does :P so I've used the same pattern for 4-5 years now.