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just a few photos of my stocks, didnt take many progress pics sadly.
they are made from pine and oak wooden planks and beams
they are fully functional with sliding top panel and locking latches.


Ian the Metal liker (author)2017-09-09

You should have directions for the stocks.

Dr.Duckhunt (author)2014-10-19

Here are mine!

Hello. My name is Mary Ellen and I have a marketing company that puts together trade show strategies for my clients. One client is announcing a new "Release Program" for his products at a trade show in Las Vegas in mid January. I saw the photos of your stocks, and they are awesome!!! What if his trade show visiors posed in there, with his corporate logo on the stocks, for a selfie or corporate Facebook page shot? I love this idea! Do you have any to sell? Or can you make one? What would you charge? Please email at maryellen@scarletmarketeer,com. Great job and thank you!

So what did the boy do? Raid the cookie jar? My mom is getting ideas, I think she even voted for this. I think I may be in trouble. Oops!!

lol, nah the boy keeps me awake late at night asking for a drink. :)
these will be displayed at my medieval wedding and have lots of people locked in for photo ops.

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