Picture of medusa guard helmet

Concept helmet

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Step 1: Gallery

The photos are classified from recent to ancient.

The helmet is a multi influenced concept, it's based on a Dr Fate foam unfold pepakura model.

The face mask is a petsonal design (influenced here and there...).

I've used basically :
- Cardboard
- Plaster+ Elmer (wood) glue
- Dremel
- Hot glue gun
- Metal and copper colour spray paint

The weathering and rusting effects were made with acrylic paint (black, red, yellow,blue, green...).

Sorry not to give more details, but there are many more elaborated and documented Instructables here.


nemo13 (author) 1 month ago

thanks all :-)

poofrabbit1 month ago

This looks wicked! Nicely done!

Triclaw1 month ago

it looks real great job

Kiteman1 month ago

That's an awesome job!

jmwells1 month ago
Well done! You almost get a Damascus steel appearance.
nemo13 (author)  jmwells1 month ago

thanks :-)