Mega Grenade Instructions



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Introduction: Mega Grenade Instructions

Huge grenade that explodes shrapnel everywhere!!!

Step 1: Pieces Needed


3 white snow flakes

16 green

16 orange

8 yellow

24 gray

Step 2: Make 4 of These

make 4 of these

Step 3: Make 4 of These

make 4 of these

Step 4: Putting It All Together

putting it all together



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    I never actually understood these types of grenades

    All these grenades are crap. I could make a more effective one by throwing a TV at the floor. The only grenades worth building are the ones that use rubber bands to propel the pieces.

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    my rocket functions like this but with only 2 long rubber bands on it it threw pieces everywhere even somehow onto my roof even when i only dropped it off the doghouse which is only four feet tall and our house is 15 some odd feet tall

    u know what you all should do? you just take a knex grenade( any one) load shrapnel along with a fire cracker, like an m-90 light it throw it and it will explode.

    knex grenades do not explode!!! they fall apart! and I would like to see someone carry this around with them in a knex war.

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    Well it's better than these pieces of crap that you throw onto the ground to break.

    No it doesn't, knex can't explode.

    Multiple knex pieces can explode from each other

    well grenades made like this do not explode, but splodies do!

    have u even used 1?

    what, this grenade? i don't have to.

    well, i like it.

    This is just a larger version of nackattacks's

    This is a simple design, easy to make, and although it doesn't explode.....good luck finding all of your pieces afterwards. Good job.