Picture of menorah-POV
After seeing all the LED menorah projects out there I thought this was the next (although warped) step.This is a melding of a hanukah menorah(chanukkiyah) and an Adafruit Industries miniPOV. The candle holders were drilled out to pass wires for the LEDs and with a little help from a soldering iron and some zipties menorah-POV was born. I don't think this is exactly what Ladyada had in mind when she developed the miniPOV kit.
FCP7 years ago
happy hanuka !! חג חנוכה שמח לכל עם ישראל.! interestung idea to combine the pov circuit and the menora...
FCP FCP7 years ago
sorry my last comment was in hebrew and this destroy because the wronge page encoding...
hohum FCP1 year ago
no worries
rglater7 years ago
There is a movement to "green", holidays and this might be fun except the first few days it wouldn't display much. Could also be used for Kwanzaa as we are supposed to Make things and there is a candelabra involved. Years ago we put a tiny Menorah in our window, (single pane), day four or five BAM! the window cracks. It made an inverted Y shape with several spokes like an upside down Menorah. Richard
djtn rglater5 years ago
Hi Richard,

Very funny! 

I had the same thing happen to me once.  I had just enough room on the window sill to put my Chanukkiyah - but I didn't anticipate that the heat from the candles and the cold from outside (because I had a storm window and then the inside living room window) would crack the glass on the inside window! 

After that, we put an electric Menorah in the window and lit our candles on a table - far away from any glass!

Hag Sameach, David
cree8886 years ago
And here I am still trying to make a Menorah of modern design from tooling foil, foam core, and bottle caps to hold the candles. It is two years now. Artist block. First year my Menorah was just bottle caps (almost burned the house down). Second year I found one that fit my budget (a little more than $5 bucks). But I still want to one day make my own. It will have more meaning for me as a convert. Hag Sameach to all from a starving artist.
eight7 years ago
Todah... for a funky project. Uni Rotseh lidfock hu-lilah, al mitat, ma-yim, shellee. Y'sha-Coah Haverim, ve Haverot.
IdahoDavid7 years ago
You just need a gyro equipped dreidel and you are set for the holidays.
mg_man (author)  IdahoDavid7 years ago
would make for the longest game of dreidel.....cool idea
ladyada7 years ago
i assure you, this is exactly what i had in mind! the minipov is designed to be reprogrammed and re-used for any number of blinky projects! :) hag sameach!
mg_man (author)  ladyada7 years ago
might be looking at a spokePOV for more resolution..........
Brennn107 years ago
Really neat, nice job.
very nice! this could save many candles for you or yourself. could give fewer chances of fires starting also your alarm wouldn't go off too and wax can burn you.. great instructable!