Introduction: Mepain's Loser Rifle

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This instructable will be done in three parts-the basic version of the gun, the intermediate addon, and the expert long barrel. The basic version will still work even without some of the added support. Because of the lack of time i have, only the basic and intermediate versions will be posted now. The rest will have their own release dates in the future.

Step 1: Step 1: Basic Ver.

Picture of Step 1: Basic Ver.

We will begin by making the handle. Pictures 1 and 2 are the same thing, do NOT make 2 of them. Pay close attention to picture #5, there is a green rod in the connectors, it should stay there.

Step 2: Step 2: Basic Ver.: Butt and Slide

Picture of Step 2: Basic Ver.: Butt and Slide

Here you will make the butt and slide, as the title suggests. Pictures 1-8 are the butt. Pictures 9-21 are the slide.

Step 3: Step 3: Basic Ver.: Barrel

Picture of Step 3: Basic Ver.: Barrel

Here's the barrel of the gun (part 1). Build these parts.

Step 4: Step 4: Basic Ver.: Barrel (cont.)

Picture of Step 4: Basic Ver.: Barrel (cont.)

Step 5: Step 5: Basic Ver.: Barrel (cont.)

Picture of Step 5: Basic  Ver.: Barrel (cont.)

This is the top part of the barrel, where the scope rests.

Step 6: Step 6: Basic Ver.: Firing Pin

Picture of Step 6: Basic Ver.: Firing Pin

Step 7: Step 7: Basic Ver.: Add Firing Pin

Picture of Step 7: Basic Ver.: Add Firing Pin

I couldnt find the right picture, so i had to use this one.

Step 8: Step 8: Basic Ver.: Put It All Together

Picture of Step 8: Basic Ver.: Put It All Together

enter longer description for this step

Step 9: Step 9: Basic Ver.: Rubber Bands

Picture of Step 9: Basic Ver.: Rubber Bands

enter longer description for this step

Step 10: Step 10: Basic Ver.: Pin Cover

Picture of Step 10: Basic Ver.: Pin Cover

Step 11: Step 1: Intermediate Addon

Picture of Step 1: Intermediate Addon

This is step one of the intermediate addon. Build these parts.

Step 12: Step 2: Intermediate Addon

Picture of Step 2: Intermediate Addon

Here you'll put the parts you built in the previous step together.

Step 13: Step 3: Intermediate Addon

Picture of Step 3: Intermediate Addon

Step 14: Finally, the Last Part of the Sniper.

Picture of Finally, the Last Part of the Sniper.

Yes! The site is working again.

Step 15: Hehe, Time for That Long Barrel!

Picture of Hehe, Time for That Long Barrel!

I don't have too much time to type so I'll just post the rest of the instructions for right now.

Step 16: Ggh

Picture of Ggh


Step 17: Finish It Off.

Picture of Finish It Off.

Connect the forgrip and extended barrel to the main gun.

Step 18: Loading

Step 19: The Sight

Picture of The Sight

The sight is pretty easy to make. You could make it from a few pics.


quaheezle (author)2011-04-22

I have a great gun, the instructions will soon come out, the picts are

JesseHughes (author)2011-04-12

I made this gun a while ago, been tweaking it ever since. It's turned into a long-term project. I made a second one as a basic prototype to try and figure out how to make it magazine operated :S

Wish me luck.

JesseHughes (author)JesseHughes2011-04-12

Bottom left picture is the gun laying on its side, so the muzzle break is sideways like a Barrett. Also, the cheek pad opens up to reveal the bolt, in case something breaks, it's an easy fix. This thing is actually longer than my L96... which is incredible to say the least.

slimshaddy (author)2011-04-01

could you add a mag?

me is assisin (author)2010-12-26

5* i didnt made it cuz i dont like making other peoples guns feels like stealing well i know you post it for people to make but still. but i looked through all of the pictures looks really nice!

Senior Waffleman (author)2010-10-20

And i added a bipod, or at least tried, lol

Senior Waffleman (author)2010-10-20

Hey, just so you know, this pic is real old, i got knex at the time and made it, so lol

KnexFreek (author)2009-10-24

great job. 4.5 stars

Whaleman (author)KnexFreek2009-11-05
Is a loser rifle. He clearly doesn't want anything above a .5.
Lowney (author)Whaleman2009-11-07

What? I think it's just a joke to do with the KI filter

Whaleman (author)Lowney2009-11-07
It's a satire.

The KI filter was put in place because you people started calling anything a sniper. Here are some prime examples:

You can't have a sniper with knex, just like you can't have a sniper with nerf.

Lowney (author)Whaleman2009-11-08

Well technically you can, except it's not a rifle (since that's almost impossible with k'nex), so a sniper gun?
The definition of a sniper rifle is: "A rifle used by Snipers" (in a nutshell).

The Creatornator (author)Lowney2009-12-23

The correct term is sniper's rifle.

Lowney (author)The Creatornator2009-12-23

Well yes, that is what the context should be. But the official term is Sniper Rifle

prodo123 (author)Lowney2010-09-12

this is not a sniper "rifle". The barrel can't be rifled (make grooves so bullet spins). By definition, and technicality, this gun is not a sniper since 6-year-olds and 18-year-olds with no life are gonna shoot it, not a sniper. Therefore, it's more of a "K'nex longrange weapon" than a "K'nex sniping system" (That's the official term anyway, M24).

Lowney (author)prodo1232010-09-12

You're not exactly one to talk about k'nex being a sign of having "no life" when all of your instructables are k'nex. Furthermore, the title of one describes the gun in question as a "rifle" when it doesn't spin the bullet. Also, your SR70A1 PSRS is a "Rifle" as indicated on the intro step. Really, you ought to think things through before you post them onto the internet.
      Also, you are wrong about the fact that this cannot be called a "Sniping System". The term "Snipe" mean's shoot from a concealed place, and has nothing to do with the gun in question (sniper rifles traditionally do have long range because the safest and most concealed place in a war zone is outside it). Technically, a pistol can be regarded as a "Sniping System". The fact that, as you put it, children are shooting it, is besides the point. Anyone who "Snipes" is a "Sniper". I believe the professional military profession you are looking for is "Marksman".

I look forward to reading your meaningless reply to this message.

prodo123 (author)Lowney2010-09-13

I'm 12 jeez when I made those I was 11 in science class. I didn't really know what a rifle was anyway. And no, the word "sniper" came from the ability to shoot a snipe skillfully, not how concealed you are. And yes, I made it a rifle with a drill bit a long time ago, and thought of it as such. And what a contradiction, you said yourself it's a Sniper Rifle, yet you say the correct term I am "looking" for is a Marksman's Rifle. I also see you searched up "snipe" on, and left out the fact it says "distant" place. It constantly refers to a long distance from the target. So no, a pistol cannot be considered a sniping system, nor can this K'nex gun.

And yes, you ought to think about what you're saying on the internet before doing so. I do, you don't, considering all the contradictions you made.

I also look forward to reading your mindless and arrogant reply to this message.

The Jamalam (author)prodo1232010-09-13

It's funny because you fail.
A lot.

Lowney (author)prodo1232010-09-13

Wow, you must be twelve because you didn't seem to understand what I said at all. First off, I see that's it's perfectly acceptable for YOU to make such errors but OH NO it's a crime for anyone else. 
     I didn't search "Snipe" on either. I checked many sites because I like to make sure that what I'm saying is correct. 
     And don't pretend that you used a drill-bit to rifle a knex gun because I find that extremely hard to believe.
     Read my  comment again. The Profession of sniping is called "Marksmanship". A "Sniper" is someone who shoots a "Sniper Rifle". 
     And yes, don't just spout nonsense to try and score a point against me, because it hasn't really worked, a Pistol can be used to "Snipe" with, but it is not called a "Sniper Rifle" because it is not too effective. 
     How about tomorrow, you go whinge and moan to the guys at Nerf for advertising their products as "Snipers" and "Rifles". And if you have it in you, take a stab at Shotguns to. 
     My point is, this gun cannot be compared to a real Sniper. This is because it is a TOY gun, just like the Nerf one's which you no doubt have any problem with. This guns range is very good relative to other guns of the same calibre, so it can be classed as long range in these circumstances.
      Next week, let's discuss how note paper is pointless and stupid because MacBooks are much better.

DJ Radio (author)Whaleman2009-11-11

And why can't we have a sniper with knex?  By definition snipers are long ranged guns, right?

Whaleman (author)DJ Radio2009-11-11

Generally fifty yards is not considered long range.
DJ Radio (author)Whaleman2009-11-11

In the real gunning world yes.  But slingshots can shoot up to 500 feet.

Whaleman (author)DJ Radio2009-11-11
Hahahaha, you're so funny, DJ.
DJ Radio (author)Whaleman2009-11-11


Whaleman (author)DJ Radio2009-11-14
Oh, wow. I just realized that you were a bloodless hypocrite.

SR-v2 claims a 500 feet range. I honestly dont believe it shoots 500 feet, but it would shoot pretty far.
DJ Radio (author)Whaleman2009-11-14

It's called "Changing your mind".  You did check the date I posted that comment, right?  It's several months old.

Whaleman (author)DJ Radio2009-11-14
Yup. It was half a year old today. I just thought that you were sensible enough to realize that 150 meters is a lot more than you can fling a few grams of plastic with a rubber band. That's farther than an airsoft 'sniper' rifle; and those even use something similar to rifling.
DJ Radio (author)Whaleman2009-11-15

wait, you said 50 yards earlier.  I'm getting confused.  I have never seen an airsoft gun in action (wow I'm deprived lol), and I was probably tired and up late at night when I posted that comment.  Besides, Lowney posted that video of the SRv2 shooting over 500 feet.

Whaleman (author)DJ Radio2009-11-15

Fifty yards. That's 150 feet. That's what I would have thought to be the maximum range for a knex gun, especially if you actually want to hit anything. 150 meters. That is a little less than five hundred feet.

Airsoft guns have hop-up, which adds a back spin to the pellets that help them combat gravity and therefore make them shoot farther. It's like rifling, in that it spins the projectile in order to make it more accurate and shoot farther. Even with this, and an insanely powerful spring, and a few years of designing, airsoft sniper rifles can only hit a person at about 100 meters, and that's being lucky.

Now, you intend to tell me, that a weak rubber band can propel a few grams of plastic more than 100 meters, without the aid of any sort of spinning mechanism, in spite of the fact that a stronger spring couldn't fling a lesser amount of plastic that far?

Don't know what video you're talking about, but it's on the internet, and I read a comment that said they saw the bullet in a pool or something, and it's from a guy who favorites his own instructables, so I wouldn't trust it much.

Ooh. A novel.
DJ Radio (author)Whaleman2009-11-17

I don't remember how strong the band was, but the guy was saying this from something he saw on the vid, possibly an illusion.  What does favoriting your own ibles have to do with trust?  I do it all the time (Well before pro accounts), nobody says anything about it.

Whaleman (author)DJ Radio2009-11-17
Favoriting your own ible's seems more than a bit narcissistic to me. I don't trust anyone, especially the government and narcissists. Mostly because they are often the same people.
TheFoofinator (author)Whaleman2010-06-09

Finally, someone sticks up to him, telling the truth...

Whaleman (author)Whaleman2009-11-14
Or five months. Alcohol does wonders for your arithmetic.
builder968 (author)Whaleman2009-12-12

I got 300 feet with it, and I bet if I had the pieces to make the barrel longer and money for surgical tubing, it would go 500. Just look at Lowney's instructable, and he measured the distance with Google Earth (I did too).

Whaleman (author)DJ Radio2009-11-11
500 feet.
The Jamalam (author)Whaleman2009-11-08

By the same logic, almost all of those aren't even rifles.

The Jamalam (author)The Jamalam2009-11-08

By which I mean none of the barrels are "rifled", and none of the bullets are spun.

Whaleman (author)The Jamalam2009-11-08
I didn't use the word rifle in that sentence at all.
The Jamalam (author)Whaleman2009-11-09

No, you didn't. You're quite right. I was making a point.

I didn't say that you did say "rifle in that sentence at all" in that sentance at all.

Whaleman (author)The Jamalam2009-11-09
You did say that none of them were rifles at all, which was irrelevant.
KnexFreek (author)Whaleman2009-11-05

 well i really liked it...
but ok i will change it.
too bad my rating dont count.
ibles wont let me rate :(

DJ Radio (author)KnexFreek2009-11-11

He was being sarcastic.  Rate it whatever you think it deserves.

KnexFreek (author)DJ Radio2009-11-11

 ok.... ill give what i said before 4.5 :)

DontShoot262 (author)2010-06-25

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!Big gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zimp069 (author)2010-04-06

How do you put all the blue connectors on the blue rod i cant put on the last two.HELP!

zimp069 (author)zimp0692010-04-06

I ment the grey rod*

Vynash (author)2010-01-28

Just made it for the fourth time, Intermediate though...

knex21 (author)2010-01-22

dude this didnt work for me but might build some future models
it fell apart=/

matsermetsuiker (author)2009-12-03

 super gun not loser!!

Captain Dyson (author)2009-08-20

Piece count???

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