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This is an XXL version of compressed air spitball gun made from erasers .I don't like compress air so I used an old model of a little spring powered gun I made a long time ago . This version is bigger and can shoot some kind of fireworks . Sorry for the bright pictures , this is my first Instructables .

Step 1: What You Need

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 You will need for this rocket launcher :
-metal or PVC pipe (any size will do)
-Crayola ® markers or any kind of pen that will fit in the pipe
- metal joint thingy's 
-duct tape
-metal stick (not on picture)

Step 2: Make the Carrot

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 Duct tape the two pens together . You got the basic carrot ! The first carrot was made of a carrot and rotted in my gun so I replaced by a pen .

Step 3: Adding Power

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 Your carrot doesn't have much power. Where gonna add some by duct tapping a spring on the top of it . Your carrot has now the power to launch bigger objects. 

Step 4: Make Ammo

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 This is an easy step that go's fast . See if your metal bolt slides in the pipe easily . If so , had as much duct tape as you need till it sticks in . Your ammo is finished and you can shoot at your enemies !
Remember , if you do something stupid with it like shoot at a cop ,then it's not my fault .

Step 5: Setting It Up

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 Now that your almost there , just stick the ammo in one side and put the carrot in the other side , spring facing the ammo . Now to fire , just stick the metal stick thru the pipe. The compressed spring will act lick the gas in a champagne bottle and will send the ammo flying across your room or garden .


Quest for Questions (author)2011-03-11

I've been macking a larger version of this, but closer to a potato gun, but the amo will be flour, and once you get flour on your clothes your "intoxicated" and evrybody have's to kill you, but you can bring people back to life and if you kill someone, they come with you.

Shadowhunter111 (author)2011-03-01

This is great for airsoft ,it can launch fireworks grenades at enemies

stg.badass (author)2010-07-20

????what the eck is that im too lazy to read right now lol

xBRAZZMATAZZx (author)stg.badass2011-01-06

funny name !!!!

A spring powered mortar

rimar2000 (author)2010-05-07

¿How is used this gun ? Forgive my ignorance, I am an outdated old man.

 take a metal pole (about 20 cm. long) and push it thru the opposite  part of where you put your ammunition . Look at the first picture , it sometimes helps .
(P.S. I love your fish trap).

Thanks, I understand now. Good work!

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