Picture of metal ruler into small machete
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This machete is made from a 30cm ruler i had. It is stainless steel hardened

Step 1: Materials

Metal ruler
sharpening stones(one smooth and one rough)
wide string(sorry, don't know what it is called, just found it)
hack saw
hot glue gun and glue sticks
rmacleod27 months ago
I love the dragon ball z posted in the background haha
huf1236 years ago
I made one of these to commit seppuku with, but decided to just live with dishonor instead. good instructable I like the handle.
pfred2 huf1234 years ago
Hari-karidiculous Ha-ha!
my_2_cents (author)  huf1236 years ago
lol. thank you :D
blah4244 years ago
this looks like a sick half katana half machete thing
sonicsanti6 years ago
dude that looks more like a ninjato to me great idea
No. You obviously know nothing about the ninjato. A ninjato/shinobigatana is a wakizashi-length blade mounted on a katana koshirae.
He's right.
Who's right? Me or him?
You XD

Ninjato has completely different hardware, blade length, and style!!
my_2_cents (author)  Camisado5 years ago
you i guess, lol
your "wide string" appears to be plumbers tape
no, its some string my mum used to use :D
oops looked like it in the pics lol
cheezpocket6 years ago
this is awesome! great inscrutable, but my mom wouldn't let me have a sharpened sword...
Really? Why? D:
my_2_cents (author) 6 years ago
haha, thanks guys. the knife i made was also used to cut my friend's birthday cake :D
activescout6 years ago
tnx due, i also used it for slicing a cake during my brothers b-day, my mom ddnt knew about it :P
strmrnnr6 years ago
Did you try any heat treatment with the kives you make from rulers. I am wondering how they turn out.
dude thats frad! ps:where did you get that ruler?
my_2_cents (author) 6 years ago
What for? The Machete is now given away to my friend for hes birthday. he used it to cut the cake xD
this is genius, why didn't I think of this?
pyrocreater6 years ago
mine can cut through an apple=)
randomguy967 years ago
you wouldn't have to use a metal ruler if you didn't want to hurt anybody with it.
I think it's very obvious that he does :P That or he did use that thing as a Machete.
sniper16 years ago
thank you very much aramaru it's ppl like you that keep the world turning thanks
sniper16 years ago
dose anyone know any website i can go to or can tell me how he tied the string on his handle
Aramaru sniper16 years ago
when you tie the wrap twist it
my_2_cents (author) 6 years ago
i used a filer to obtain an edge. Afterwards, i used a sharpening stone that was rough and a smooth one
ardo69696 years ago
thats sick is it quil with the file and does it need to be asharpening stone or just a rough stone
my_2_cents (author) 7 years ago
hehe, i had the measurements on the handle too. The machete now looks different, i will update it later. i removed the grip because i instead linseed oiled the wood. Im working to engrave my name on it so it shows i made it.
RockInBlack7 years ago
Simply awesome, but I would probably leave the measurements on down by the handle so people know I made it.
my_2_cents (author) 7 years ago
i made it for coconut cutting =.="
my_2_cents (author) 7 years ago
the blade is not very flimsy. Some cheap metal rulers are flimsy and some are quite stiff. Mine is actually not flimsy but not the very stiff. It works though.
@smart Was going to but tourch had no batteries as well =P
=SMART=7 years ago
Nice, I have that ruler :P I like the design of the handle, it looks like a samurai sword handle, Maybe next time shine a light on your project so it it brighter :P
Phoghat7 years ago
And this also makes a lovely shank for those of you that are currently guests of the prison systems in this great land of ours. PS: A much better blade can be made by using a discarded file as bar stock.
NeonLime7 years ago
Metal rules are flimsy so this would be too. Flimsy swords/knifes/ruler-swords arent good? Its a good instructable though, Machetes are fun
Im sorry, Metal RULERS***
Nice work, but u forgot to mention I did half of it
my_2_cents (author) 7 years ago
thanks guys. my camera's batteries are out and couldn't be bothered recharging them so i took the pictures with the webcam, hence, they are crap. I was initially going to take them with a phone but i couldn't find the cord to connect it to my pc
shooby7 years ago
I don't think this is a machete. I do know for sure that you can buy a machete for the same price as some metal rulers.
ItsTheHobbs7 years ago
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Great job! I've been wanting to try knife making for a long time. Did you take the pictures with a phone?
Looks like a low-quality webcam. Most phones take portrait-oriented images, don't they? These are 320x240.
codester7 years ago
That is so cool! Great Instructable. I love it! I'm definetly trying this out today!