Step 8: Installing Into Wheel, Part 2

After all the 4 sticks are screwed together, the Video Pro must be aligned with the spokes and secured.

* Line up the tips of the 4 sticks with 4 spokes on the wheel.

* Check that the electrical parts of the stick do not rub against any spokes (normally this is only possible with 36 or more spokes).

* attach the tip of each stick to a spoke using 1 cable tie and 1 rubber mounting block as shown.

* before fully tightening the cable ties, check that the Video Pro is centered on the wheel.  After centering completely, fully tighten the ties.

* clip the ends of the cable ties.

Been looking for these povs<br> but where is the pdf for this instructable??<br> <br> Throw me a bone - I need the info... ;0)<br> <br> thanx<br> -chase-
PS: I understood that with 3 sticks your needed speed is around 7mph - I take that since this is video dispite having 4 sticks that is the need for aditional speed for image stability?<br> <br> lastly I notice in your images the lights seem edge to center - but here i see a gap towards the outside of the rim - can this be filled with additonal leds?<br> <br> do they fill a 28&quot; wheel? - as i have<br> <br> again thanx<br> <br> - chase -

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