Micro Knex Gun





Introduction: Micro Knex Gun

this is a very small knex gun, it doesnt take a lot of pieces to make and its very quick to build.
ok this is my first instructable so please no anti-knex comments and i know its a block trigger but its really powerfull for its size.

Step 1: The Barrel and the Trigger

Barrel : Take one blue rod and add in order : one white connector, one of the exotic pieces, one white connector, leave a space and 2 white connectors.

Trigger : Take a orange connector and add one green rod and a small exotic piece. Pass a blue rod in the trigger. Clip this on the barrel. (ONLY one space between the two blues rods!!)

Handle : Just add a yellow rod on the barrel.

Step 2: All the Rest.

Firering rod : Just add a yellow rod with the last exotic piece.

Rubber band support : Add two white rods on the two sides.


Step 3: Mods

1- change the handle for 2 white rods.
2- take the green rod on the trigger.
3- change the support rods for green rods.

If you have other mods just tell me.



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    wow... never thought of or seen anything so simple, yet so dang powerful. 5/5*

    (removed by communist request) STUPID COMMIES they removed it

    I think you should make a better handle for it instead of just one stick. I really don't like block triggers but if you like them then whatever.

    surly to to much power would mean the white connetors fly backwards. i think its ok + you may be able to add a mag above the whits if u think about it??

    Whats that black peice near the ends of the first row? the one that looks like it has to open edges?

    you know all what was one my screen was blah blah blah blah blah and BTW jayme is my best friend and he might be home schooled my bro Curtis is in 4th grade and 10 hes doing algebra

    and btw I very well doubt you get straight A+'s because your good with knex and people who are smart have know imange a nation

    Ok, wow, ANOTHER stereotype. And yet, again, I doubt you are smart because you spelled imagination imange a nation. Listen. I Am an A+ student, and I have a huge imagination. First of all, i've written a full screenplay, 102 pages long, and second, I've begun writing a novel, 87 pages so far. You don't have to be an idiot to be good with K'nex, you know.