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This is a one of the tiniest try at making a micro pinhole camera.

The main body is carved from a piece of chalk, the camera look. Chalk being too brittle has been coated with glue and painted black with another coat of epoxy on the outside to harden it.

A kind of Flim Plane with a butter paper is also hinged at the back. Inverted images (mostly window outlines) are discernible.

A bit of staple pin rolled is also stuck to body, serves to as a kind of stand to hold in place using a magnet and also keeps it safe.

For the pinhole, a foil with a tiny pinhole has been glued in the lens aperture.

I had bought few plants which produced white flowers in morning, later during the day turned pink to dark red (Hibiscus mutabilis).
Wanted to try a sort of natural photography (Anthotypes) using just the flower juice and pinhole camera. Unfortunately the plants turned out to be a different species where the flowers were different and did not change colors at all and I could not try it out. Probably this is too small to test the above hypothesis.


s55 (author)2014-04-10

great idea

mikroGanesh (author)s552014-04-11

thank you

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