This is how i made a old micro rc heli into a flying 2 channel rc plane.

ALL up cost about $4 nz as i allready had a micro rc heli.

Step 1: What You Need

A 3 channel micro rc helicopter like the one below.
A $2.00 ruber band powered foam plane.
A hot glue gun.

Step 2: Step 1

Get your ruber band powered plane and asemble it but with out the rubber band or the propeler.

Step 3: Step 2

pull apart rc helicopter.  

Step 4: Step 3

atatching all parts together. just follow the video its simple just hot glue everything on.

Step 5: Finished

ok now you have a finished IR rc plane made for about $4 the range isn't that far and it depends on how you set the board on the plane as to how much range you get.
<p>This is my version. The body is a balsa glider.</p>
can anyone tell me a $10 transmitter
<p>show us the video of the plane flying</p><p>and how much did it weigh and the thrust of the motor</p>
<p>i did the same thing when my rc heli broke (actually it was a dud and couldnt turn or go backwards or forwards) except the wires broke when installing so i made this instead. By the way are you from NZ like me</p>
<p>Woah! My brother thought of this exact same idea, without ever seeing this tutorial. His R/C helicopter broke, but he was clever just like you were. He built the air frame with foam board from Dollar Tree, not from a balsa glider though. If you used a non-infrared RC helicopter it will work outside if there is no wind.</p>
<p>show us the thing flying!</p>
how it turns left and right?
<p>Differential thrust.</p>
is there any other possible way of making it rc plane without the rc helicopter....... example = using a single toy motor or like a 2volt or a 3volt motor???? <br>
you can make a rc glider from a rc car but it would be hard to power it with a motor. do you have like a rc transmitter for rc planes and other stuff like that. if not i know a store where you can get a profesional one cheap and get all the right motors and servos really cheap and reliable.
I have a rc heli.. I am about to buy a rubber powered foam plane.. <br>any suggestions for the propellers? <br>does it flies well?
Try to connect a motor power output form the cheap controller rc unit to a mosfet/transistor. <br>You also have to add a few ressistors for protecting the mosfet/transistor. <br>Secundairy ciruit from the transistor you can connect with other batteries and other dc motors. <br>Easy job ... <br>Just look for information about Pulse Wide Modulation (PWM = output RC controller) and transistors (amplifier for power). <br> <br>Sry for my bad English....
my 1v motor was getting very hot easily and i need a propeller too . <br>
I didn't understand the process (of the transistors and resistors). What is 'pulse wide modulation'? What are resistors used for in remote controlled gadgets? <br>Please tell me, I was trying to build one but I lacked power (rc airplane). <br>I forgive you for your bad english. :p
<p>Does it fly well?</p>
This is really great job and nicely done I was looking for the information about how to build an own <a href="http://www.nitrotek.fr/avions-rc.html" rel="nofollow">RC Plane</a> and your post is really helpful for me and also for others who wants to build their own RC plane thanks for sharing this informative post
Nice instructable ! <br> <br>A video of this plane flying would be awesome !

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