Introduction: Micro Rubber Band Gun

smallest rubber band gun I ever built shoots small bits of wire
with a trigger mechanism and a storage box.

I have a knack for miniaturizing things.

I challenge myself to create something with minimal stuff when bored; this has led to most of my functional miniatures.

Many were built almost 7-9 years ago including this tiny rubber band gun which I found last week in a vial with chalk carvings and some other micro stuff. After replacing the rubber band it is functional again.

Has 6 individual parts, and probably took less than an hour to assemble.

The main body is rolled from a bit of thick aluminium foil to form the barrel and to hold the trigger in place.

The mechanism is similar to my  DIY rubber band gun instructable.

For the plunger, a bit of sturdy wire with a bent loop serving to hold the rubber band and to arm it has been used.

Tiny rubber bands: a thin slice from rubber tubing!


OldManDuke (author)2015-01-30

This is really cool, but if possible I'd like to see a step by step construction. I really dig the intricacy of working with smaller bits and bobs to make things.

mikroGanesh (author)OldManDuke2015-01-31

Thank you

Will surely let you
know, when I post a DIY tutorial

If you have seen my other tutorial, the mechanism is almost
the same, except for the size.

sjroth (author)2014-01-04

Wow, that is incredible! And I thought the things I make were small.

mikroGanesh (author)sjroth2014-01-04

wow your instructables are awesome

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Bio: I have a knack for making functional miniatures. I don't use any specialized tools or materials for making these.
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