Microwave cake


Step 4: Cook!

Picture of cook!

Cook in the microwave for 50-60 seconds. (At home, it took me 60 seconds in a 600W microwave. In the test kitchen, 55 seconds in a 1000W gave me a good result.) Too little time, and the cake will be wet on the outside. Too much time, and it will become really crumbly. Also, cooking them individually is best.

Once it's cooked, take off the plastic wrap and pop the cake out onto a plate. It should come out fairly easily, but if it needs a little help you can run a butter knife around the edges.

Eat by itself or with jam, whipped cream, ice cream, nutella, sprinkles, fresh fruit... well, anything really. I macerated some strawberries and served it with whipped cream. :D

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cjheinemann made it!3 months ago

turn out great.. best texture from a micro cake...

i added chocolate chips on top

cellopants4 months ago

you did WHAT to your strawberries

uwezi1 year ago
Great recipe!

I just tried it. Using silicone muffin forms the basic recipe (1 egg) resulted in 6 muffins (6cm or 2 1/2 inch diameter).

Bake time was 1min 20s for all 6 together at 850W.
karlus1 year ago
Cool recipe. I tried once creating a microwave cake but couln't get the timming right. You say 60 seconds, but at what power ? 700W ? 1000W ?
czflgator1 year ago
That looks awesome! I might even be able to handle this recipe. Now if you can come up withe a carrot or upside down pineapple version I would be even more tempted!
Exocetid1 year ago
I must try this, but not with soy milk.
trevormac1 year ago