Microwave Gutting Time




Introduction: Microwave Gutting Time

follow this link here to see how to take apart a microwave without killing yourself.



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My microwave oven was out of order, it
kept blowing up the power fuse; finally the trouble was traced to the power
capacitor that was shorted.

So, the power capacity was changed and
the oven worked again, but now the magnetron becomes noisy with a jackhammer
noise when it is working.

This noise starts when the magnetron
starts working, but it stops after some two minutes while it continues to work
up to the time adjusted for it to finish its operation.

What has happened to the magnetron?

Is it possible to fix it?

On the other hand, it is my best
suspicion that it is the magnetron that is making the noise and not the

What is your experience in this situation?

This is exactly the sound (click on the link below) I am
getting from my microwave oven, but it does not go and on until the machine
turns off; the sound stops some two minutes into the operation, and the
remaining time there is no longer the sound or noise – for the remaining time
it keeps ‘quiet’ up to the completion of the time period it has been adjusted
to operate, or I turn the switch knob to off.


Thanks for any help or information.

Those "Strange screws" are called safety Torx screws.