This is I know the teeneinst knex true trigger gun ever Its not that amazing cause it shoots max 3-10 feet max

pieces u need:
2 orange connectors
2 yellow connectors
6 dark grey connectors
2 blue spacers
2 grey spacers
2 light grey two way connectors
4 white rods
2 blue rods
3 black y clips
1 red connector

Step 1: The True Trigger

very simple follow the pics

Step 2: The True Trigger

pretty simple just follow

Step 3: The Ram and Handle

simply follow the pics

Step 4: Put It All Together

thankyou for veiwing this please comment and rate
this gun stinks because it jams every time
just hold down the trigger
nvm i go it to unjam automatically
how do you unjam?
This trigger can use some improvements, I made a few modifications to it :) not bad but does jam.
are you going to put those pieces together
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so wheres the gun
That is small! It doesn't look to sturdy though, ill give you 3.5 stars. Good job either way! :)
I'm sorry, but this is almost as bad as a block trigger. 1.5*
its better than all your sarms cause it doesnt jam!
Is that the only thing you can think of? My pistols rarely jam, I would say around 1 out of 30 shots. And with this gun your have to keep on muzzle loading it. Plus the ram only has 1 connector of space, giving it about 10 feet maximum of range. And if you put a rod any rod bigger then the yellow it'll tip out of the barrel.<br/> <br/>=P<br/>
this argument is long gone please lets be friends
It can't jam if it has no mag... Well technically speaking. But almost every muzzle loaded singleshot is jam proof...
well, it is true trigger, but the trigger is bigger than the gun itself. its almost average.
yes exactly my words
Funny, but not so good. Almost average.
Needs to be a little bigger, but, then again, small was the point, so nice. And FINALLY a small gun that SHOULDN"T go on the list...
i kinda think that this(or the next one) should go on the list. but the list will not be posted in a comment here. it is just way to small. any rod you put in the front would be to top heavy and fall out.
? why do you want this gun on the list? its true trigger..........
i saw a gun on the list that shouldnt be.... it was that sniper that looks like a foot.
mmm... good point, but let's let this one slide... We'll beat up the next one.
yea, i think "beat up" is a bad choice of words but yea.
I didn't know what to say, but you get my point...
can you guys see if my gun belongs on "the list"? it a moddable base idea, so keep that in mind. thx
Absolutly not, it's not a block trigger whatsoever.
k thx, i though the list was for bad guns
sry i forgot. search FHAT
It is good but the parts list is missing some out
knex flint lock coming soon
realy cool i have built it
It's really cool. But I have a problem with the ramrod not going through the second yellow connector's hole and just getting stuck.
poo i dont know how to discribe it
Actually, now that I think about it, I'd just have to move the rubber bands around a little. I'll re-build it now... YAY!!!
Never mind, I found that when I pulled the trigger down, it doesn't pull the gray piece far enough down, and the pin slides up it like a ramp. I've got no idea how to fix that without screwing up the ultra tiny-ness. Still really awesome though.
Wait, I figured ot out. Now the gun works yay.
jolly good any way did u use a blue rod?
I only changed the handle a wee bit. The handle was blocking the trigger from going down far enough, so I replaced the firs orange (one without the green rod on the end) with a Y connector to hold its place. This gives the trigger just enough more space to move it out of the way of the pin.
i thinks its good for its size
its so cool
I like how half of the gun is the trigger. :D
lol ta
im just gonna guess that was supposed to say lol ya. correct?
yes indeed
I like it
ta lol

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