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i don't like to fold or sort my clothes it seems kinda pointless to me.. i will admit that im not a very organized person i usually just leave my clothes on the floor in a laundry basket until they are all dirty and wash them again. but this has gotten progressively worse and eventually i just had to scratch through a pile of clothes on my floor to find stuff.

i had to think of something that would allow me to keep my clothes in an unorganized pile but not on the floor. a couple of ideas came to mind, like a wall of hooks i could just throw clothes at and they would stay like Velcro. but the more i thought about it the stupider it sounded... eventually i thought of using milk crates for storage when i saw one being used for sandpaper storage in my workshop.

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Step 1: Design

Picture of design

the shelf's were designed to be as simple as possible. each milk crate is hooked at the top by a wall mounted plank of wood and the bottom of the crate rest's on the hook shelf below it continuing through all shelves. this gives the crates an upward angle which will stop clothes from possibly falling out :)

been doing this for years. I switch these out from winter sweaters to summer tops and shorts. I attached all the crates together with wire on all four sides then attach to wall by hooks. mine has been up for about 20 years. people have been doing this forever, lets call it 'old school' storage

Queen Nifer3 years ago
Just put this up in my daughter's closet. It is so sturdy. I hope that this system will finally get her to keep her clothes off the floor. lol. Thanks for sharing your design.
Nettiemac3 years ago
Great idea, and if you have to move, your clothes are already packed! LOL

Going to use this for my kids who also have problems putting their clothes in their dresser drawers - and their toys, and assorted other junk.
this is a great ideal, I have a closet that i'm going to use the crates in for my shoes im using your ideal thanks very much..
archerj4 years ago
I get plastic crates like this at the local fruit and veg. stand. They set them outside after emptying them, and anyone is welcome to take them.
PTLKustoms5 years ago
wow, blown away - I wish I'd thought of this while i was still single and able to do it!
Cheers bro (I'm in Brissy too)
nativity4me5 years ago
this is one of the BEST ides ive seen yet! im gonna do this for my 15 year old sons room! (grab my dresser awesome idea. college idea, great for small spaces, single ppl, and ppl who like to organize (like myself) my sons not one too fold either, so this system should work out amazingly well for him! it can also, expand on demand as well! cheap too! thanks for the idea!  MICHELLE
this looks awesome! it will totally help me, thanks!
the_fox5 years ago
I love this so much. This would work for so many storage bins and really suits my insanely messy habits.
good idea! not just these crates, but if you drill holes in the bottom of others you could use them with nails in the wood instead of hooks.
BarginsTech5 years ago
you could spray paint the crates for more patterns and designs :]
barbwired5 years ago
nifty idea! i could use this for my daughter's room. good work! i agree, we can't be all martha stewart right away. kudos to real living!
(removed by author or community request)
I think it's an A+ project simply because it doesn't show that a great storage system won't suddenly make us all Martha Stewart's. Sometimes we'll just be slobs with a little more floor room!
five stars rated :)
payneypuff5 years ago
i like this idea! it would be great for my 8 year old sons bedroom. and to those of you who are calling the author out for stealing, you can find "immitation" milk crates at your local wal-mart or target or whatever you have... they just call them storage bins. theyre exactly the same.
dtripodi5 years ago
You are aware that this is stealing? Milk crates are the property of the supplier - you stole those ones that you 'found' in the loading bays...
marielind5 years ago
great idea, man! I love how you turned around your all-on-the-floor to -totally-off-the-floor! :D
Yeah, milk crates rock...are you in Australia, because those look like the milk crates we have here, in Australia...but perhaps the milk crate design is standardized...
rustlabs (author)  CybergothiChe5 years ago
yeah man. i'm on the gold coast.
Cool, I live in Bisbane!
Earthotter5 years ago
This is great, ive been wanting to do something like what TulkaHut mentioned, but i dont even know where to get milk crates anymore. any ideas?
rustlabs (author)  Earthotter5 years ago
well i'm not suggesting anything but i did happen to find mine around loading bays of local supermarkets...
gd ible i rated it
Fieldownage5 years ago
Great instructable BUT... Unfortunately I can't get any milk or lemonade crates in Finland(for some reason they stopped using these crates for lemonade bottles). :C Still nice one
TukalHut5 years ago
I LOVE MILK CRATES! Good idea, I like that they are light weight and portable to. I can see a college kid using these just stacked up against the wall if they aren't allowed to put holes in a wall. Man, I gotta go get me some milk crates.
I like this idea, I think I will try it. I wonder if it would be possible to add a type of top-hinged door to the fronts of each crate for asthetic purposes. Good Instructable.
rustlabs (author)  corporatezero355 years ago
thanks, man. this instructable hasn't been getting much views, its good to know someone is interested :)