Millwall Brick




Introduction: Millwall Brick

i will show you how to make a millwall brick. a millwall brick is a weapon used by football hooligans in the 1970's. the thing that is special about this weapon is it is made completely out of newspaper! this is a blunt weapon that you hit with

warning: this weapon can cause injury or death. i am not responsible for any misuse of this weapon.

Step 1: Materials

you will only need newspaper but there are also some optional things to inhance your millwall brick.
1. newspaper

(the rest are optional)
3. large nail

Step 2: Construction

a millwall brick is very easy to make. i will show you how to make it by showing you a picture. i did not make this picture so i thank the person who made it from

Step 3: Parts

now that you have made the millwall brick, i will tell you how to use it.

there is the handle, the handle is the part where there are two ends seperated.

then there is the blunt end which is for hitting.

Step 4: Optional Stuff

now there is some cool stuff that you can make your millwall brick better with.

1. you can drive a nail through the blunt end of the millwall brick.

2. you can add water to make it hevier

3. you can tape the split ends of the handle together.

i have done all of these things to my millwall bricks i have made.

i am sory but my camera is not working so i can not show you pictures of mine.

Step 5: Uses

a millwall brick can be a great self defence weapon.

cops can not get you in trouble for haveing it because you can just tell them it is a newspaper you just have.

if you loose it you can make another in 3 minuts.

the more sheets of newspaper you add the harder it gets.



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