Introduction: Minecraft

So I'm going to be showing you guys a really simple way to make a tree garden most people know this but for the people that don't here you go..

So sorry if this is a little rubbish and stuff but I have nothing to post so I'm just going to be posting this today.

Step 1: The Start

you are going to need bone meal so make the trees grow and the flowers to come up.

So things you need

Bone meal:
Lily pads: (i don't have lily pads but you guys can I but them in the pic in case you guys wanted to put them in you garden.)
The purple dirt thingy:
Tree saplings:
Last but not least flowers unless you want to use bone meal:
I think that's everything

And I don't have the purple dirt thingy in the pic.

Step 2: Building

So you are going to make a heart and if you guys don't know how to make a heart just tell me to make one coz I don't want to put things on here that you don't want sorry for doing that in the past just ask me want to what me to build and I might make it...
Anyway so you make a heart and put water inside and then put some torches around the heart and the place bone meal on the ground and make flowers and then plant trees..

I put dark oak in the pic but for some reason the dark oak does not work on my iPod Lolz..

Then you are done.......... HOPE YOU Enjoyed THis AND BYE..!!!



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That garden looks AMAZEBALLS, I'm gonna build it right now!

purple dirt thingy=mycelium

Very helpful. I might use this for the backyard thing in my mansion, which BTW is made for a model of Sydney, which also has the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Bye for now! KittyKat04

Thanks for the comment

Nice work! Thanks for sharing this.