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Introduction: Minecraft Chest

This is a scale replica of a chest from minecraft. The one from the game is 14X14X14 pixels in size so i made mine to scale at 14"X14"X14" (1pixel=1inch). Even the wall thickness is 1" wide. I used a sheet of 1/2" sanded pine and doubled up each piece and glued them together to get the 1" thick walls. After that i just glued and screwed it together, ran it through a table saw to make the lid, sanded, painted it, attached front latch with screws from the inside, added hinges and finished. Makes a neat ottoman, footstool, extra chair, storage, step stool, or whatever you can think of.

top and bottom 14"X14"
front and back 14"X12"
sides 12"12"
latch 2"X4"



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Just so you know if you're not a minecraft nerd, blocks are 16x16x16 not 14x14x14, just in case you want to make this use the measurements with 16 not 14, also look at a reference picture( best found in google images by searching papercraft chest.

The chest in MC is not a full block size

It has been said that a minecraft block is 1m in real life so to get one to scale you'de have to do some math.
39.3700787 / 16 = 2.46062991875
rounded up every pixel in minecraft is 2.5 inches so 2.5 * 14 = 35in.
Thats only if you want it to American scale if you want it to Authentic scale it would be
100 / 16 = 6.25 cm (each pixel)
6.25 * 14 = 87.5cm

Dude, impressive math. Authentic does matter in some cases and with some kids :)

Dude, impressive math. Authentic does matter in some cases and with some kids :)

Using "MY SCALE" of 1inch=1pixel.

I'm just saying for authenticity if anyone wants to make it to exact scale

you people don't get it. Leave your math at home. You don't need it

Thanks for posting this - I'm making one as an XMas present. A couple of minor corrections and some additional info for other makers:

1) The chest is actually 16x16x16 pixels. If you look at the graphic you posted you can see that the "light brown" part of the top is 14x14 as you state. However there's a 1 pixel border of "dark brown" around it. So that makes the total size 16x16. This doesn't detract from your build - it just changes the scale slightly (1 pixel is now 7/8").

2) Your build shows the joint between lid and base as 2 pixels wide (each component has a 1 pixel border). Whereas in the graphic it's just 1 pixel wide. I don't know if that 1 pixel border is on the lid or the base (you can't tell from the provided graphic and I don't have access to an open chest). *However* I think your build is better - so I'll be giving both lid and base the border.

3) (And this is what lead me to discover the slight differences) the ratio of lid to base is 5 to 11 if the brown border is on the base, or 6 to 10 if the border is on the lid. I think I'll be going with the 5 to 11 ratio - because that makes the base larger (and the base represents the main volume of the chest). So, we need to cut the sides, the front and the left at 3.75" (that's 5/16 * 12) from the top (on the front and the left make sure the cut line is parallel to the long edge).

Hope all that made sense. Thanks again for the inspiration to make one of these (I decided to make my son a "minecraft themed" gift - and this is what I chose). BTW, I'm making mine from two layers of 1/2" MDF.